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Bimbo On the Loose

The interview is ready to begin but then a producer interrupts and says that they're being pre-empted. I totally love the day player who got this part. She gives, "Hold up, we're being pre-empted" her all and I dig that. Anyway, the President is about to speak live from the Briefing Room.

Fitz struts down the hallways as Cyrus scuttles after him, asking what is going on. Fitz says that he and Cyrus are going to make a deal. Choice one is Fitz telling the press that Cyrus orchestrated a cover-up regarding Jeannine, and Fitz was actually having an affair with Olivia. Choice two is Fitz admitting to the affair with Jeannine in return for Cyrus getting Jake released. Cyrus hisses that he can't control B613. Fitz asks again what Cyrus wants him to do, concluding, "How Presidential are my balls now, Cy?" I'm sure that was supposed to be a great line, a fuck yeah line, but due to my growing distaste for Fitz, it just made me think of old man balls. Gross.

Five years ago. Olivia walks sadly into her Metro station, and then finds Huck sitting behind his usual pillar, looking beat up and sad. Her phone rings and she yells at Eli, "What do you want?" Eli is all sweetness so Liv repeats, "What. Do you want?" Eli makes a reference to Edison and Olivia asks what happened to him. Apparently he got in a terrible accident, and he will live but he's in rough shape. Eli asks her to let him down easy when she gives the ring back. DUDE! He is a bad guy. I mean, I knew he was a bad guy in general, but he is also a bad person and a bad dad. Poor innocent Edison got roughed up just to send a message to Olivia? It's kind of like her dad was saying, "Oh, you think you can use innocent people to send messages? Let me show you how that's actually done." Which I almost admire in a way, but whoa. Anyway, Liv starts crying and says that she'll stay away from him and what he does, but she concludes, "This? Is over. We? Are done." I just love the way Liv talks in half-sentences for emphasis. Anyway, Eli retorts, "We are family, sweetie. We're never done." He is scary.

Present day. Fitz stands at the podium and gives his remarks, where he opens simply by admitting that he's been having an affair with Jeannine. As everyone else watches, stunned, Liv stomps back into her office. Harrison says, "Okay, people, let's wrap it up" and makes the "start the helicopters" gesture with his finger. Thank you! That is the universal sign for "wrap it up," right? Because I made that signal to my husband the other day when we were at the YMCA pool with our kids, and he acted like I was a crazy person. I feel like we need to review our military hand signals.

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