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Bimbo On the Loose

In Cyrus's office, Mellie is yelling at Cyrus because they don't know where Jeannine is, and now they've got "a bimbo on the loose." Cyrus reminds her that they made up the fact that Jeannine is a bimbo. Mellie just snaps at Cyrus to find her and leaves. Mellie is sporting some serious '70s hair in this scene. After she's gone, Cyrus gets a call from Rowan, who reminds him that Jeannine is a gift and the White House needs to confirm the affair before things go south. The President needs to confirm the affair. Cyrus responds that he can't make the President do anything, and if he pushes, the President will shut him out. They can't afford that, especially in light of the mysterious information that Rowan gave Cyrus about Fitz's classified mission with Jake. I'm confused as to why Rowan is sitting in the back of a Town Car with the window down partway, talking on the phone. Does he want people to see him? Does he just like fresh air? Was he smoking? Anyway, Rowan concludes, "You do what you have to do, and I'll do the same." Cyrus snaps, "You know, some people just say goodbye." Heh. Score a point for Cyrus.

Some poor admin walks in and asks Cyrus if the President is still going to Italy and Cyrus crabbily yells at her for even asking. Ethan (the dudebro who was in on the Liv kill file folder meeting) walks in and Cyrus snaps at him, but he recovers enough to say that he found Jeannine.

It's not like he's Columbo because Jeannine is currently giving a press conference in front of the White House with Olivia. Well, Liv is speaking; Jeannine is just standing there. Liv runs down Jeannine's credentials: she graduated summa cum laude from Berkeley, she's got family and friends, she is a hard worker, and she "absolutely, positively did not have sex with the President of the United States of America." As Cyrus and other White House employees watch on TV, Olivia says that the White House has committed slander by leaking Jeannine's name so she is representing her pro bono, because she was also a victim of the White House's underhanded tricks. Fitz walks into the room and watches the TV, amused, and asks Cyrus, "What'd you expect, Cy? It's Olivia." I don't know why it's bugging me so much that Fitz is acting so passive in this whole enterprise, like, "See what happens when you let the idiots handle the country?" Because he is the President, and he's a grown man with agency, and it seems like there is probably something he could do.

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