Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

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Bimbo On the Loose

Eli tries to take Liv's hand but she pulls away. He says softly but fiercely that he's her father and there are ways she should behave in his presence. He says that she shouldn't ask questions when she can't handle the answers, and she doesn't know him that way. If she pushes to know him that way, it will break his heart, presumably because she'll be killed. He orders her in a low voice to open her menu and order her food. Liv just stares at him, horrified, then slowly gets up from the table and leaves without a word.

In the present, Liv goes to the coroner to see another potential Jake corpse. It's not him.

Huck walks in on Quinn in, I think Olivia's office? I can't imagine Quinn has an office this nice. Anyway, she tells Huck that Liv and her father used to have a standing Sunday dinner date. Quinn knows this because she hacked into Liv's e-mail. Huck asks why she would do that, and Quinn says with a scoff, "Because I can." I find it hard to believe that, when Huck showed her how to torture someone, Quinn just abandoned all sense of morality completely. It seems like a bit of a fast turn for her. Anyway, Quinn finds it curious that at some point, Olivia and her father just stopped all forms of communication, and she wonders what happened. Huck slams a paper down to get Quinn's attention and advises her to be less like Huck and more like Olivia.

Fitz walks into Cyrus's office and says that B613 has Jake Ballard. Cyrus pretends to not know what he's talking about, but then Fitz calls his bluff, and Cyrus says he didn't know that the President knew. Shouldn't the President have higher security clearance than the Chief of Staff? Anyway, Cyrus says that they can't ask B613 to do anything, because they don't report to the Executive Branch, to ensure that Fitz has plausible deniability of their actions. So who do they report to? And why isn't that the first question that Fitz asks? Instead, he keeps insisting that he's the Commander in Chief, so they have to follow his orders. Cyrus argues that they won't do it, so Fitz tells Cyrus to find out if Jake Ballard is still alive.

Abby catches up with Ethan as he's getting Cyrus's lunch and asks him to hand over the instant messages that will give Jeannine an alibi. Ethan tries to dodge her until Abby says he's obviously computer savvy, since he used BitTorrent to download movies, including lots of porn, to his government-issued computer. What a dummy.

"Disco Inferno" kicks in at OPA as Olivia says that now that they have an alibi, Jeannine will be giving a live interview to a morning show, and she needs help with wardrobe. Jeannine looks down dubiously at her button-down Oxford and man-tailored vest. She does need serious help.

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