Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

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Bimbo On the Loose

Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch! Quinn and Liv help Jeannine picks out a suit in a montage with Abby prepping her for the interview. This goes swimmingly until Jeannine starts crying and Liv asks everyone to clear the room. She sits with Jeannine, who whimpers that she should be negotiating over legislation that she helped author and push through Congress right now. Olivia agrees that this whole thing is insane. Jeannine says calmly that everyone knew that Fitz was having an affair, but no one knew who the woman was. Olivia grabs Jeannine's hands and says firmly, "You are going to get through this. I am going. To get you through this. Your life is not over. Your career? Is not over. I promise you." I can see why Liv gets the big bucks. She's very convincing.

Mellie watches some cable news talking head show where they are discussing what Jeannine is going to talk about in her interview. One of the pundits wonders who Mellie was talking about, and calls her "a woman of a certain age" who may have gotten "jealous for no reason." Mellie puts down her teacup and the look on her face is very, "Oh, no he didn't just say that."

That night, Liv whispers to someone on the phone that she'll be right there, then grabs her keys and leaves her apartment, where Jeannine is sleeping on the couch. Why would you leave her alone? With all of the surveillance and the murdering of interns and whatnot that's happened in the past year? Anyway, it turns out Liv was going to look at another corpse, which is also not Jake. Once she's gone, Jeannine answers her buzzing phone and then heads outside and into a Town Car where she finds Mellie waiting. Jeannine stammers an apology and says that she would never and she didn't…Mellie interrupts and says, "I know you didn't, dear. But let's talk about your future." By the time Liv gets back home, Jeannine is back sleeping on the couch. Or at least pretending to sleep.

Five years ago. Liv shows up at her dad's house for Sunday dinner. He clearly wasn't expecting her to show up this week, after how last week's dinner ended in threats and tears. Liv is all false cheer and her father follows suit, offering to whip something up for the two of them. Liv corrects him; there will be three people dining, because she's brought along her fiancé, Senator Edison Davis. Edison pops up and says that he's been asking and asking Liv to marry him and she finally said yes. Liv smiles up at him and slyly adds that Edison was recently appointed to the Senate Intel Committee, where he will make sure that spies behave themselves and don't do things like make innocent civilians disappear. Olivia sends Edison into the kitchen that opens the wine, and then as her father takes her coat, she drops the jolly pretense and hisses at him, "Give Huck back to me." So Olivia only agreed to marry Edison so she could stick it to Dad? That's nice. I mean, she clearly had some feelings for him, but she didn't want to marry him until she realized she could use him as a tool against Daddy.

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