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Fitz gets ugly and says that step one was actually when he went to her and laid his head in her lap and asked forgiveness. Dude! A long con! Fitz was running a long con. Anyway, he spits at Mellie that they are at war, and this was just one battle, and he leaked Liv's name so that Mellie would no longer have that information to use as a weapon.

Back at OPA, Liv is just standing and staring into space, I guess? Funny how Fitz and Mellie keep using Liv as a pawn in their twister War of the Roses marriage and no one asks her what she wants. Like how did she feel about Fitz leaking her name? Maybe he should have asked her? Anyway, Harrison comes up and says that Liv is in the clear now, and a little self-preservation doesn't mean she can't still wear the white hat. As is her wont, Olivia doesn't actually respond to him, and instead says that they have a client and need to get to work.

Client? What client? I thought all their clients fired them? Olivia and Harrison walk into the conference room to meet with their client: Jeanine. Of course.

And just when you think the episode is over, Cyrus is in his apartment leaving a voicemail for Jeanine, except Charlie the Spook is in his bedroom, pointing a gun at him. And James is lying in the bed. Dead? Nope, just drugged. And he wants Cyrus to come with him.

So that Cyrus can have a secret meeting with Rowan. Charlie is working with Rowan again, because "the country is in danger." According to Rowan, of course. And he needs to raise Cyrus's security level so he can share some information about Operation Remington. Cyrus already knows that it was a classified mission that Fitz flew with Jake Ballard in Iran. Rowan wants to share with him what really happened on that mission. Cyrus starts reading, and Cyrus is stunned. Cyrus! Is stunned! What could it be? Did Fitz die and the Fitz they know is a cyborg? That's the only thing I can think of, but hopefully we'll find out in the next episode. Or at least sometime this season.

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