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And Liv gets off the plane! And she's got the Liv Strut back, even in her running sneakers. Rowan starts yelling at her and she gives it right back. It's a great shot of the entire huge airplane hanger, with Liv strutting through it and Rowan following behind. She gets to the car and says that she's taking care of herself and headed to her office. Rowan leans in the window and says softly, "The White House will destroy you." Liv thinks for a split second, considering if she wants to use this ammunition, then nods and says, "That's what Mom used to tell me about you." OH NO! She went there. And then she rolls up the window as the car pulls out. I can't wait to find out more of Liv's backstory.

So all that happened before the credits. Buckle up! So this redheaded aide is talking to the press, serving as de facto press secretary, I guess? Have they hired a new press secretary since the last one was assassinated and Liv took the job temporarily? That seems like a pretty important job to leave up to random aides. Anyway, we find out later that her name is Jeanine so I'm just going to call her that now, even though her role in this scene is to reiterate endlessly that the White House has no comment on the story.

Cut to the Oval, where Cyrus, the Veep, and the Veep's Chief of Staff (I guess?) are facing off while Fitz stands silently in the background, as usual letting the grown-ups take charge. Have you noticed I'm not such a fan of Fitz? I'm not. Anyway, Cyrus wants the Veep to handle all public appearances until this mistress fire is out. The VP Chief of Staff is like, "Hell no" and the Veep is also like "Hell no" but for different reasons. The VP Chief of Staff doesn't want the Veep to be inundated with questions when she's not even involved in the scandal. The Veep "will not be aiding and abetting a man breaking his marriage vows and laying with another woman."

Cyrus goes on a rant about how the Lord has nothing to do with the Presidency (you know, separation of church and state and all that), but the Veep delivers a low blow as she refers to Cyrus's "Godless homosexuality" and his "poor, sweet brown baby." Whoa. She went there. Sometimes I want to object to the Veep's characterization, but then I turn on the news and realize that people like these exist, and they are elected. The Veep goes on to say that Cyrus has no respect for her or her supporters, the supporters Fitz needed to win the election (that he didn't really win). She promises to take the supporters with her when she goes and Cyrus explodes that she can only hope to go to Canada because she won't win an election against a sitting President from her own party. Eh, don't be so sure. Not with this latest tidbit. We don't have much information about Fitz's popularity with the public, though we know his margin of victory was small. Also, I think the Veep would have even less luck in Canada.

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