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Harrison is still trying to "fix" Olivia's problem, and his next phase is to call Cyrus, who doesn't want to talk to him. Harrison does his fast talking thing to try to convince Cyrus that there are going to be hearings and subcommittees to investigate the affair, so they both know that the mistress can't be Liv. Cyrus basically says, "Prank caller! Prank caller!" and hangs up.

Cyrus meets with his shady underlings (Jeanine and some dude we've never seen before) to review Olivia Carolyn Pope's file. She went to Princeton and Georgetown Law (as did Cyrus, and apparently they met there, although I would have put Cyrus as much older than Liv so maybe he was a professor or went to law school late in life and I've officially thought too much about this). Liv's mom (Maya) died in a plane crash when Liv was twelve. Her father's job (as far as they know, his name is Eli) is at the Smithsonian, curating antiquities. He sent her to the best boarding schools, and she never lived in the family home again after her mother died. That's shady. The Unnamed Dude (I'm just going to call him Ryan, because he looks like a Ryan or maybe an Adam) snarks that must be where Liv got her daddy issues.

Jeanine explains further that Liv dated any manner of older, powerful men and got a reputation as a party girl. They have photos of her former paramours, and it's "a nice lineup of silver foxes" (and largely African-American). Ryan says she was working her way up the totem pole and Cyrus yells, "Enough!" Jeanine is surprised and Cyrus covers by saying it's enough to "play the ambitious slut card." As Jeanine gathers the papers, Cyrus seems to have tears in his eyes.

That night, Liv is sleeping on her couch when her phone chimes. Her father is waiting down in the parking garage. He says he's there to help her, and he knows her business is tanking. Liv just wants to know what happened to Jake Ballard, but Rowan won't answer except to growl, "No one refuses an order in my business." Then Rowan goes on a rant about how no one thinks about the shit he does to keep them safe and free, and I think Rowan might be seriously unhinged, you guys. He's definitely got a superiority complex. Liv walks away and her father orders her to get on the plane because she's running out of options. She turns back and spits, "I'm NEVER out of options."

Back in her apartment, Liv opens a cabinet and a safe and takes out a sealed folder. She breaks the seal and calls a number, reading the information inside over the phone. Then she goes down to a waiting Town Car. But not just one. A flotilla of Town Cars appears leaving her apartment, each driving in a different direction in order to confound the media waiting outside.

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