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Mellie has to poop in the punch bowl, because she doesn't think it works. People are going to want details, especially if a special prosecutor is named. And Mellie doesn't want to stand up next to Fitz as he says that he had a year-long affair with Olivia Pope that ended and then started up again. Mellie details all of the ways that Fitz has humiliated her and the concept of marriage: how he couldn't keep his hands off Olivia on the campaign trail, how he violated Secret Service protocol to visit Liv's apartment, and how he called Olivia's name out when he was shot. Fitz shoots a glance at Olivia to see how she's taking that last one, because he never told her that. The fucker. Now, you're going to flirt? When your wife, bitch on wheels though she may be, is baring her heart and soul? Anyway, Mellie can't even articulate what all of that means, and Fitz says it means that he's in love with another woman. AWKWARD. Mellie goes into her scary deep voice and says that if Fitz tries to sell his fractured fairy tale to the press, she will display all of their dirty laundry to the world, because she's tired. I know Mellie can be terrible, but when she and Fitz are at war, I'm pretty much always on Mellie's side. Because he MARRIED her. Even if it was a setup, even if they never loved each other (which I don't buy), even if she's awful. He married her.

Mellie turns and faces the wall and there's a long pause before Olivia asks how many times she and Fitz slept together. Mellie doesn't know what she's getting at, so Olivia asks what number would make it okay for her. Mellie looks at Fitz and then says two. Olivia agrees to that number, and then asks Mellie when the first time was. Fitz speaks up and says it was after he was elected, because they don't want people (and special prosecutors) to think Olivia got her job because they slept together. Mellie says it was the night of the inauguration and she remembers how she went to bed early that night but Fitz was too wired to sleep so he went downstairs where he met up with Olivia and one thing led to another. Mellie continues that it was just sex and didn't mean anything and it didn't happen again until after Fitz got shot, when he was feeling his mortality.

Mellie and Liv work out that those were the only two times. Fitz doesn't want to lie. Liv tells him that it's still the truth, just not the whole truth. Liv wants to know if they agree, and Fitz and Mellie both agree. Mellie leaves the room, and looks like she's fighting back tears, leaving Fitz and Olivia in the room alone.

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