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Liv goes to grab her purse but Fitz wants to know how she's doing. Olivia keeps repeating, "I'm fine" as it becomes increasingly obvious that she's not at all fine. She gives a little speech about how she always tells her clients that the media mentions aren't personal and she concludes, "I'm fine!" And then the look on her face is so, so sad. Fitz walks towards her, taking off his jacket. Does he think they're going to do it in the bunker? She tells him not to, but as usual on this show, he ignores her protests, which bothers me more than a little. Anyway, he just hugs her and holds her and she loses it for the first time and lets herself cry on Fitz's shoulder. But only for like two minutes, and then she grabs her bag and leaves Fitz in the bunker. Maybe Fitz should just stay in the bunker. I feel like everyone on this show would be a lot happier if he weren't around.

The next morning, the Veep visits Fitz in the Oval, where he tells her that she's given him time to write a speech taking full responsibility, which he will deliver at noon in the Rose Garden with Mellie by his side. Sally is surprised that Mellie is sticking around, but glad to hear it. She seems to almost confess that her own husband is screwing around on her but doesn't actually say that and before she and Fitz can really talk about anything, she snaps back into business mode. Fitz catches her cue and says that after his speech, there will be a window for her, and she should climb through it by condemning Fitz and taking the moral high ground. Sally knows she can do that but wonders why Fitz wants her to, and Fitz says he can be kind to her, because they're not married. Quid pro quo, I guess.

Mellie bursts into Cyrus's office, where he sits staring at Liv's kill folder. She doesn't want to do the press conference with Fitz as discussed, and she needs Cyrus's help to fix the problem. But it needs to come from the outside.

The outside would be OPA, I guess, because Harrison, Huck, Quinn, and Abby are standing around a DVD arguing over whether they should take action without Liv's approval. Harrison says yes, Huck says no, and Quinn suggests they just kill another intern. You know, one of the bad ones. Yikes. Anyway, Harrison will only take action if everyone has his back, and they all somewhat reluctantly agree to back him. Harrison runs outside and gives the DVD to Cyrus, who later passes it to James, who smiles.

Jeanine is in the press room, giving out the information about the upcoming press conference with Fitz when everyone stops paying attention to her and starts watching TV. And what they see on the TV, what Harrison provided to James via Cyrus, is a video taken during Fitz's campaign where a tipsy Jeanine says that Fitz will get elected because he's FREAKING HOT. Suddenly, all of the reporters turn and start peppering Jeanine with questions. So she said he's hot and all of a sudden, she's the mistress? That seems like quite a leap.

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