My Growing Pains

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My Growing Pains

Carla gives Josh a basketball that she stole from Turk's locker. Outside, Cox gives her a piece of Kelso's cake and a dreidel. Carla is still pissed, and won't tell Cox why.

JD sees Turk with a little piece of a saltine behind his ear but refuses to play "Hide the Saltine." Carla walks by and snags it. Cox rushes up and he and JD yell in unison, "Wait! Why are you torturing me?"

Kelso accepts a piece of cake. Elliot can't believe he's smiling. Kelso thinks it's like when Enid's safety brake failed on her wheelchair and she started rolling toward the pool. He realized there was nothing he could do, so he might as well enjoy it. Ted gives Kelso a drill for a gift, and Janitor snags it. The board member from the opening walks up and says that they need to find a new surgeon, because Hooch was involved in a hostage situation. Board Member also notes that Kelso is 65, which he finds very interesting for some reason.

Cafeteria. Turk asks Carla what happened to his autographed Michael Jordan basketball, and Carla claims ignorance. Cox and JD sit down and demand to talk. Turk and Carla agree to work as a team on this. Turk says he's torturing JD because he's changing who he is. JD says that Turk told him to grow up, and Turk says he just meant that JD needed to be more responsible now that he's a dad, and he's doing it. Carla tells Cox that he was extremely cavalier about taking Josh's childhood away, and now Josh is spending all his time on his laptop researching leukemia mortality rates, so Carla gave him a basketball to distract him. Turk is all, "What?" and Carla reminds him they're a team. Cox says people don't need childhoods, and JD points out that Cox's parents were violent alcoholics. Carla thinks JD should be proud of the kid inside of him. Turk adds that they both want their kids to be kids as long as possible. Mission accomplished, Turk and Carla walk off while Turk says she needs to get his basketball back from the cancer kid.

JD VOs that people need to hang onto their childhoods. Cox talks to Jack on iChat and does the funny voices. JD and Turk do Giant Black Doctor, as Turk tries to get people to sign a petition to make the hospital more giant-accessible. Board Member visits Kelso to remind him that it's hospital policy to have administrators step down when they reach 65, so they're going to start looking for his replacement. Kelso asks the guy to keep it quiet for now and looks really, really sad. Oh, come on. I'm sure the board knew how old Kelso was. If that's the policy, someone must be keeping tabs on such things. ["Not to mention that's another great example of Lawsuits, And How To Attract Them." -- Miss Alli] But Kelso still looks really sad.

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