My Screw Up

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My Screw Up

Two Days Later. Cox is sleeping in a chair the lobby and a homeless guy (who looks a lot like Will Ferrell) holds a watch. He wakes Cox up at 9:00 AM on the dot, and Cox pays him. Carla fills in that Cox needs to go home after sixty straight hours of work, but Cox says he really needs people to stop telling him what he should do. So of course, Ben pops up and says, "You know what you should do?" Before he can continue, JD walks up, still very somber. Cox jokes that since he has taken over JD's patient load, none of them have died. JD says that he doesn't care if Cox is mad at him (not true), but Jordan called and wanted to make sure Cox was going to show up today (and we're supposed to think he's talking about Jack's birthday party). Cox says he's not leaving the hospital.

Turk sits in a gown and tells Elliot and JD that he doesn't want to have his mole removed. He adds, "But…" and JD yells out, "...Face! Butt Face!" Turk says that his butt is fabulous and putting a slice on his face would just spread the wealth. However, Turk feels like his mole is part of his identity, and he asks his friends to talk to Carla for him. JD tries to beg off by saying he's busy, until Elliot points out that Dr. Cox took all his patients. JD Fantasy: He's playing gin rummy with the hook-handed afro'd security guard, and losing. I went to elementary school with a kid who had a hook hand. It kind of freaked me out at the time, until he showed us how he could hang from the jungle gym by his hook. Then I was jealous. The security guard uses his hook to smoke a cigarette. Also useful. Anyway, JD tells his friends that he has to win his money back from the Afro guy, and Elliot agrees to talk to Carla.

Carla sits down for lunch with Ted and Kelso. She launches into an explanation of how her last name is her heritage. Kelso pretends like he's going to give her advice, but instead tells her that he doesn't care about anyone else's problems, which Ted can confirm.

Dr. Cox and Ben walk down the hall, as Ben tries to convince him to go to the party. Dr. Cox says he doesn't like to attend parties where the person being celebrated doesn't know what's going on. Ben reminds him of a party they attended for a senile old man, and they giggle. Dr. Cox says that he's responsible for keeping all of the people there alive. Ben mocks him and says he should let one of the other doctors handle his patients for a few hours. Dr. Cox: "So you haven't noticed that my supporting cast in this theater of hell is a veritable who's who of incompetent puppets?" Elliot runs up and explains that she's looking for Carla, replete with lots of hand gestures. Ben, sitting behind her, pretends to manipulate strings like a puppet master, causing Cox to giggle. When Elliot runs off, Ben pretends that the strings pulled him off the counter he was sitting on, and Cox cheers his "outstanding commitment." Ben wants to go, and Cox finally agrees to go if Ben will leave him alone. Ben says that before they leave, Cox needs to forgive JD. They walk into the locker room where JD has just come out of the shower. He drops his towel...and he's wearing swimming trunks. JD: "What? They're my shower shorts!"

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