My Screw Up

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My Screw Up

Janitor helps Elliot look for Carla. They walk right by her, hanging out in the med room, crying. Kelso walks in, and Carla apologizes, saying it's been an emotional couple of days. Is she that emotional about the Turk mole issue? IS SHE? Kelso tries to make a quick exit, but realizes he needs to do this, so he explains how his wife was a terrible snorer, and he even made her have surgery, which didn't help. But now when his wife goes out of town, he can't fall asleep without the snoring. The point? "You might find out that the thing you hate so much is the very same thing you miss when it's gone." Carla thanks Kelso.

Turk is getting his pre-op exam by the plastic surgeon, and offers him ten thousand dollars to tell Carla the mole is inoperable. Carla rushes in and says she doesn't want him to do this. Turk rips off his blood pressure cuff and runs out. The surgeon is pissed that he doesn't get to do the surgery, so Elliot whips off her shoe and shows him her bunion. The nurse faints.

Cox is still stunned at JD's shower shorts, but is finally able to get to the heart of the matter: "I just wanted to say what happened? It wasn't your fault." JD says he needed to hear that, and Ben claps his hands and says they can go. Cox has to ask one last time: "Shower shorts?" JD proudly recites, "For the man who has nothing to hide, but still wants to."

JD voice-overs, "Acceptance can take a lot of different forms, whether it's accepting that it's okay to show your soft side every once in a while..." Kelso puts on a tie and tells Ted that he thinks the band is better off without the guy who quit.

JD VO: "Or accepting someone you love, just the way they are." Carla helps Turk put on a tie, but she can't stop looking at his mole. So she gives it a big kiss, to Turk's delight.

Cox, in a suit, walks down a path with Ben, who has one more favor to ask: "You have to forgive yourself for what went down the other day." Cox chuckles, but says he will. He wonders where Ben's camera is. Hey, remember how Ben said he would take pictures until the day he died? Yeah. JD, also wearing a suit, walks up and asks what Cox is talking about with the camera thing. Cox explains that he thought they would want pictures of "crying babies covered in chocolate, people singing 'Happy Birthday' to [Jack] who've never even met him before, you know, the whole routine." JD: "Where do you think we are?" Cox looks back at Ben, who is suddenly not there. "Winter" by Joshua Radin plays softly in the background as Dr. Cox turns and walks into the cemetery to attend Ben's funeral service. His what? Yeah, he's the one who died, not the old patient with the heart problem. Just like Sixth Sense, it's so obvious in retrospect, but quite jarring on first viewing.

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