Season 25, Reunion

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After Denise was announced as the winner -- and after a commercial break -- we return to a video montage of her greatest hits, especially how often people at Tribal Council said that either Denise or Malcolm was going to win and how awesome she looked during challenges.

Probst looks weird now that he's changed out of his regular blue shirt and into a T-shirt. Is this Casual Probst? Are there Probst action figures? I want one! Anyway, Probst has heard from "people on the street" that fans saw Denise as an underdog. I still want a full account of what people on which street, because I know "people on the forums" and they almost never agree with the people that Probst meets on the street. Also, every time he says it, I get "Under Pressure" stuck in my head. Anyway, Denise believed that she was an underdog too, because she had to fight the whole way.

When she got to the final four, she really thought it was over and she had to cut Malcolm at that point. She agrees that it was her biggest move. Probst asks Malcolm why he didn't lie to Denise about making a final three alliance and Malcolm jokes that he took a page from Penner's How To Be Voted Out playbook. Here's the thing about reunions: I really hate it when people who have spent the last however months coming up with snarky comebacks and asides to spout at the reunion, because it always sounds fake and rehearsed. I mean, sure you're going to think about what you will say or what you might be asked. But pre-planned quips just fall flat for me. Anyway, Malcolm explains that he thought he had a solid alliance with Skupin and Lisa and it wasn't until Lisa said at the final Tribal that she didn't want to take him that he realized he was toast.

If you've ever seen a Survivor reunion, you know that Probst loves to do an informal poll of the jury to see how things could have been different, so he asks who on the jury would have voted for Malcolm. Lisa and Jeff Kent are the only ones who put their hands up. According to Malcolm, Pete, Penner and Carter were just fucking with Probst and would have voted for him too. I don't understand the "joke." OH NOES they're messing with Probst's stupid informal poll! Pretty much everyone says that they would have voted for Denise over Malcolm and Probst doesn't even have anything to say because why would anyone vote for a woman over an alpha male like Malcolm? That does not compute for Probst.

Probst's next question is even weirder: he wants to know what Denise's sex therapy clients thought about her wearing a bikini and appearing vulnerable. Whuh? Why is that even a question about the game? Denise says her clients have all been supportive. Good for them.

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