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I like how they tell the whole story of this show before each episode. Cassie is talking to Jane about the weird map thing that Calvin gave to her before he got killed. They don't understand it. Or, at least, the spell that Jane is under prevents her from talking about it. Jane says that she will check with Henry to see if he understands the document. Um... embarrassing. Yeah, Jane, Henry's dead. Cassie reminds her of this and Jane says that it has just been a stressful week and she isn't sleeping well. Cassie seems completely convinced. NEWSFLASH: you are a witch and apparently there are people far and wide that would like to kill you -- you've already gone on dates with two of them. So, those moments when things aren't feeling totally normal? That's because they are not normal. Also, Jane is a horrible actor. Sorry. It had to be said. These kids on this show act secret circles around her. It's like, "Hi lady playing Jane, this is not a Boniva commercial. Give it some life, please."

At school, Melissa (she's back!) is moping around the hall when someone calls out, "Hey emo girl!" Rude. She turns around, recognizes the guy, then calls him a jerk and hugs him. She asks him what he's doing there and he says that he's helping her father with some sort of party. Wait, Faye said that Melissa's mother took her out of town. Now she has a dad too? I thought all of the members of the Circle lost a parent in the fire? Step-parent? Plot hole? Anyboo, Melissa says that her boyfriend died. Diana walks up and remembers Holden, who is Melissa's cousin, from when they were kids. Melissa reminds Holden that Diana used to have a crush on him back then, which seems an un-Melissa-like bitch move. Like it, though. I think these two girls are fantastic. Diana seems a little like she's on the wrong show, but she's clearly got a buttload of talent. Melissa is kind of becoming one of my favorite young performers. Yay! And with the addition of Holden here, this show just reached the hotness saturation point. Double yay! Holden and Diana have a palpable thing happening.

Faye is hiding out in Dawn's office. She comes in and Faye says that she can't stop thinking about Henry. Dawn says that she's going to the fundraiser that evening, which bothers Faye because she feels that they should still be in mourning. She says that Dawn didn't care about Henry (true) and pushed him away when he was alive (true: especially if "pushing away" includes killing the person). Dawn tells Faye to not speak to her that way. I love that. That's the second or third time she has said that to someone on this show. Dawn says that her history with Henry was complicated and Faye doesn't know all of it.

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