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Later, Faye is sulking at the clubhouse when Jake and Cassie come in. Cassie says that, no, they don't call it the "Scooby-Doo Magic Shack." Eff that, they should totally call it that. Jake says it has a girly Lost Boys vibe. I'd argue that The Lost Boys is plenty girly, but maybe all of the herbs in the Scooby-Doo Magic Shack push it over the top. Faye watches Jake snoop as Cassie goes to "turn on the lights." Lord knows how they have electricity. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT. Anyway, Jake slips something in his pocket. Faye says that she saw that. She strolls down the stairs (The interior design in this "shack" gets more elaborate with each episode) and says that the Jake she knows wouldn't hang around this town like a retiree, but he would hang around to steal. Cassie's there now too. He pulls the stone that he took out of his pocket and says that it's his family's stone and he was going to put it on Nick's grave. Faye tells him not to play the "death card" (YES!) with her and Cassie's all you've gone too far. Dark magic makes Cassie boring. Nick says that, contrary to what Faye's ego might tell her, she doesn't know him. She says that, uh, yeah she does and showing everyone else what a cad he is will do wonders for her ego. Faye for Prez. She walks out and Cassie shows Jake the papers that Calvin gave her. Jake finds a hidden part of the document. It's John Blackwell's family tree. So, "JB" doesn't stand for Jane Blake. Cassie says she's so stupid for not putting that together. That's only the beginning. That he died in the fire with Jake's parents is all she knows about him. She sees that her tree goes back to some dude named Balcoin, which makes Jake look really startled. She wonders how this knowledge protects her. Jake is in a rush to leave suddenly, but Cassie doesn't detect anything at all. Of course not.

Later, Cassie shows the tree to Diana. She says that she's thinking of asking Jake to the fundraiser that evening. Wow. Sounds like lots of funds are going to be raised, what with all of these teenagers attending. Diana is going alone and says that singledom is empowering, when she's not desperately missing Adam. Ew. You're 16. Seriously?

Jake goes to the woods to meet the big boss. There are other dudes sort of spread out in the frame in an artsy and completely purposeless fashion. Jake tells the guy that Cassie is from the Balcoin line. Big boss thought that the Balcoin line had been eradicated, but they had just changed their name to Blackwell. The Balcoin line is like the origins of dark magic. So they are going to have to take care of Cassie in a different way. He says that Jake has feelings for Cassie, which Jake denies. Big boss tells him to stay strong because witchcraft has killed thousands of innocent people and they need to stop it. Wow. That's dangerous. He says that Jake is on the verge of redemption.

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Secret Circle




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