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Cassie goes to Calvin's shop again. Obviously, he doesn't answer. She goes to Jake's place, where he says he's cleaning out some of Nick's things. He's distant with her and finally she picks up on it. Still, she asks him to the fundraiser and he says no. He tells her he's not interested and is really rude about it, but he's so hot that I'm thinking that having him be rude to me like that would completely make my day. Perhaps even my week. When she leaves, he thrashes his suitcase about, because he can't stand how hot he is either.

Adam's waiting tables and all of the girls are making googly eyes at him because he's a free agent. At least, that's Faye's theory. They always hate each other and I really like that. She tells him that she thinks Jake is up to something. She knows because he's acting engaged with his surroundings. I love that! Later, Melissa and Diana are working with flower decorations and Diana says that Holden is even cuter than when they were kids. Melissa puts the kibosh on that line of thinking. She tells her that Holden is not a rebound guy. Holden comes over and gets Melissa out of the way, ostensibly so he can spend time with Diana.

Charlie picks up Dawn and she tries to get him to give her the crystal again. Things are really tense between them. He suggests they look up some spells in his family's Book of Shadows, now that they know where it is. Dawn says they should lay low because the elders will be watching them. Meanwhile, Cassie is getting dressed (her dress is incredible! I mean, innnnnncredible) and Jake is watching her from next door. She takes the family tree downstairs and finds Jane and asks her if she knows anything about the Blackwell family. She doesn't hear the question at first, then says that she never met anyone from that family. Cassie only acts vaguely confused. WHAT ABOUT JOHN BLACKWELL? You never met your own daughter's baby daddy? Stupid. She puts the family tree away, then answers a knock at the door. It's Jake. He's dressed up. He says that he's sorry. He feels something for her too but doesn't know what to do about it. He's like to take her to the fundraiser.

At the fundraiser, Charlie speaks to Jane. He asks her if she's OK and she says she's watching Amelia have fun. He reminds her that it's Cassie and she just looks at him blankly and walks away. This is the wonkiest spell ever. I don't understand what it does. Faye and Adam come in together. He sees Diana and Faye reminds him to watch Jake. Cassie and Jake dance together and, as Adam is watching, she tells Jake that she is trying to imagine her mother dancing with her father. She says that she used to talk to an imaginary version of her father. He tells her that Nick had told him that a blonde, short, strong, survivor had moved next door. Sweet? He gets a text suddenly and walks away. Adam follows him.

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Secret Circle




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