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Holden tells Diana that she's the only girl there that he's not related to, which is completely not true. She resists at first, I guess because she doesn't want Melissa to be angry with her, but Holden gets her to dance. Outside, the big boss says that they are leaving that evening and they are taking Cassie with them. Whoa. What about the fundraiser? Jake is supposed to lure Cassie to them. Adam watches all of this.

Jake goes in and tells Cassie to come with him. Adam tells Faye that Jake is a witch hunter. He recognized big boss. All of the witches gather and start calling Cassie. Meanwhile, Cassie and Jake are in Nick's bedroom. He has his family's Book of Shadows. He shows Cassie and explains that there are pages that explain that her lineage is from dark magic. He says that he's trusting her with this information, while she's upset that he thinks she's from monsters. He asks her to come with him and she says she doesn't want to leave her grandmother or her friends. He says it's for their safety and she reminds him that leaving didn't help Nick. Suddenly, she gets a text. It's from Adam and it says that Jake is a witch hunter. She tries to play it cool but he insists that they leave. She agrees and says that she's just going to pack a few things. She runs next door and locks the door behind her, because she's very secure always.

Next thing we see, Cassie is staring at Jake from the window in her room where she used to see hot dead Nick. Then, big boss is behind her with a knife to her neck! And a tissue over her mouth! Jake screams for her then runs out of his house as dude's are carrying an unconscious Cassie (these witch hunters LOVE the chloroform -- not sure why the knife was necessary, though) to a town car. Then, someone clubs Jake and leaves him knocked out on the sidewalk.

At the gala, Charlie asks Jane if she's alright and she says that she's dizzy. She tells Dawn that it's nice to see her with Charlie, instead of John Blackwell. She says that Amelia always tells her that Dawn worships him. This Blackwell fellow had it ALL. Dawn says they should take Jane home. As they walk away, Charlie says that he knew she had a crush on Blackwell. She says it doesn't matter because he's dead and what's wrong with Jane? He must have done the spell wrong. Heh. He replies that he's sick of accusations from her. She says that, if Jane suffers long-term damage, it's his fault. Um, what about the long-term damage to Henry?

Adam and Faye find unconscious Jake and Adam shakes him awake. He says they need to find Cassie because she's in danger, but Adam is steamed. Faye can tell that he cares about Cassie though. He promises to leave if they help him get Cassie. They drive to a dock and watch the bad guys take Cassie to a boat. They can't do magic on the boat because it's made of ash wood, so Adam sneaks onboard. Jake grabs a light bulb and makes other light bulbs explode around the bad guys. All of this trouble so people can make light bulbs explode. While the bad guys are confounded about the light bulbs, Adam reaches Cassie and frees her. They're trying to get out when bad guys grab Adam. Jake frees them and he and Cassie and Faye start running away. They make the pier behind them catch fire so that the bad guys can't catch up with them. Jake is onboard with the bad guy and explains that Cassie can fight the dark magic. The big boss says that he effed up. Cassie isn't the only child of John Blackwell in the Circle. Then, after Diana and Melissa arrive, they watch the boat depart with Jake. Dude, this means that Cassie and Faye are sisters, right? Also, when is Charlie going to get it for killing Amelia? We're not going to forget about that, are we?

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Secret Circle




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