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To Grandfather's House We Ghoul
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I don't mean to sound stupid, but I guess Nick is really dead. I'm sad about that. Adam and Diana are together and knocking on Cassie's door. Diana looks all uncomfortable, which is odd, considering the woman-scorned cloak she has been sporting is a PERFECT FIT. Adam asks her if she's OK and she reminds him that the last time she was there she was drugged, kidnapped and almost killed. Touché. Cassie answers and tells them that her grandmother is still gone and hasn't answered her phone. But, everyone else is here. She means Faye, who says that Melissa's mother has been worried about her and took her out-of-town for a while. Melissa has a good agent. Also, Jake is in the kitchen. Adam is pissed but Cassie says that he's part of the Circle, too. Diana is worried that the witch hunters will be coming after them again but Jake is all, nah, don't worry about it. That dude is going to have a day of reckoning that is going to hurt. Faye says that the hunters may have been scared by Luke going up in flames and Diana asks how that happened. Cassie reveals that she thinks she did it herself. Faye is PISSED at the idea that Cassie can do magic by herself. Oh she's pissed. She thinks that Cassie is a big phony acting like she doesn't know anything about witchcraft when bitch done gone FREELANCE. Adam points out that Cassie saved them the night before but Faye wonders if the hunters were coming after them in the first place because of Cassie. All of the crazies started coming out of the woodwork when Cassie came to town. Diana corrects her -- it all started when they bound the Circle.

Cassie breaks up the argument by pointing out a document that Calvin, the witch who only Jake knows is dead because he killed him, put in her mailbox. Jake is very interested. None of them understand it, but it includes the initials "J.B." which Cassie thinks means her grandmother, Jane Blake. She has decided that she's going to Henry's lake house to look for her and all of the others decide to go too. Fun! Road trip!

Later, Jake meets with the big boss and asks if he did something to Jane Blake. He says that, after the failed witch hunt, they've been forced underground. By whom, we don't know. Embarrassment? Seriously, we don't know. Big boss is intrigued by two elders being together. He says that Cassie is the only one in the Circle with dark magic. He says the closer he gets to her, the closer he gets to knowing how to kill her. Ouch.

Faye is packing and asks her mother if she has heard from Henry. She, ahem, excuse me, cough, has...not. At least not after she killed him. Faye explains that Jane went to visit him and hasn't been heard from since, and Dawn's all talking about the bad cell phone reception. Faye says that Cassie is all drama and wants to check on her grandmother. That's funny. Cassie should be so much more drama. She's entirely too laid back about things. If my damn grandma were the only member of my family left on planet Earth and she was missing and unreachable, I'd be a fucking basket case. Under the circumstances, the circumstances including an attempt on her life the night previous and the discovery that she has the ability to scream and make stuff explode and catch on fire, I think Cassie is a cool as a freaking arctic cucumber. This show seems so FOCUSED on its plot points that there is no room for organic reason. Dawn wants Faye to study for exams, but she persists. It's funny to think of Faye studying. Dawn watches her walk out and seems worried, naturally.

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Secret Circle




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