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The Crazy Magic Spells That Bind
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We see Cassie rereading the letter that she found from her mother, along with her family's book of spells, which looks like it was edited and illustrated by the team at McSweeney's. Nice job there. And, the ink and pictures and binding have held up remarkably well all these hundreds of years. The letter says that Cassie has great powers and people are going to come for her. Her mother hoped that keeping the secret about her reality would keep her safe, but she has only left her alone. She tells Cassie be wary of people, even those who claim to be friends (Looking at you, Grandma) and that her power is the only thing that can keep her safe. Cassie looks across the room at an unlit candle and gets an idea. She walks up to it and says, "Give me light," just like God did that one time. It doesn't seem to work, but she thinks real hard and says it louder. No fire on the candle, but the sun starts to shine brightly. She smiles but the smile fades as she begins to see how complicated this all might get.

Nick wakes up naked and tells the person he's with that she needs to leave. It's Melissa and her hair has grown tremendously since the pilot. I like the change. Magic is awesome. She tries to get some morning lovin' going on but he reminds her that his aunt is a Jesus freak. She feels dejected. He asks if things worked out with Cassie and the girls, but she reminds him that he's part of this too. She thinks that Faye's monsoon scared the crap out of her. Melissa says that Faye doesn't want to do the Binding Ceremony -- which I've capped because they talk it like that and I respect these witches. She asks him to keep their fling private and he asks if she thinks he'd want to brag about her. RUDE! What is that supposed to mean? That witch is hot! Anyway, she reacts accordingly and it's sad because she's still just wearing her bra and her jeans. He throws her shirt to her and seems a little embarrassed for her.

Melissa leaves and he starts shirtlessly staring at Cassie from across the way. She sees him and wonders aloud if he owns a shirt. She obviously knows he owns a shirt. Better question would be if the house across the way has a no shirt policy. That's an actual question. Cassie decides to try to close his curtains as she's apparently already comfortable using magic in her daily life. Instead, she shatters his window. Focus, Cassie. She runs downstairs and tells her Grandma (hair also longer) that she doesn't need to talk about anything. Granny KNOWS.

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Secret Circle




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