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The Crazy Magic Spells That Bind

At the Boathouse, Adam is working when his hot piece of a drunk dad wanders in. Adam tells him that the Sea Fair is setting up for the weekend. Adam asks what's up with him and Charlie. Ethan says he's a punk, but Adam reminds him that Charlie's on the town council and is Diana's father. He asks Ethan to make an effort to get along. I think we're past that moment.

Faye and Dawn have a tense moment at home. They're an odd pair. Faye is outwardly bitchy with hints that she's probably not all that bad, while her mom appears to be this super-nurturing person and is probably much worse. If these ladies share The Secret Cycle, it's amazing that house hasn't burned to the ground. They have a conflict about Faye's outfit being too revealing, but Faye tells her to just live vicariously through her, because apparently the real Dawn has a hidden freak flag. She goes to leave and her Grandpa Henry is at the door. It's Faye's dead dad's dad. Faye leaves and Dawn asks him if everything is OK and he can stay as long as he wants. He reminds her that it's his home. Reunions!

At school, Cassie is walking through the hall real nervous-like. Class President Sally introduces herself to Cassie and tells her that she could help her with the Fair the next day. Faye tears her away and says that Sally is lame. Then, she thanks Cassie for stopping the storm. She says that they just need to practice their powers. She also mentions that Cassie should say no when Diana approaches her about the Binding. Cassie asks why not and Faye says that it means Diana will be their dictator. Cassie tells her to buzz off.

Dawn is on the phone with Charlie. She asks him why Henry is in town, which obviously she would know better than Charlie. She asks if he thinks Henry is on to them but he doubts it. She says that Henry blames her for Tom (her dead baby daddy) being dead.

Cassie is in Chemistry. Adam and she share EYES. Melissa and Faye are lab partners. They start mixing some stuff and Faye casts a spell to make their beeker's contents boil. Then, she does it to Cassie, who looks around like, "Who lit the match?" She realizes that it's Faye, who just smiles. Then, her beeker bursts, because either Faye is just horrible at magic or is super trying to piss Cassie off. So, Cassie makes an even bigger flame under Faye's beeker and it explodes in an even bigger way. Cassie runs out of the classroom, because you can apparently do that where she came from. That shit can NOT fly in Chance Harbor. Anyway, I guess it does fly, because Adam follows her. She's freaked because her anger made her explode that beeker and she doesn't know how to control it. He tells her that she can't -- by herself. He can help her though. Smooth move, Chester.

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Secret Circle




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