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The Crazy Magic Spells That Bind

Later, Charlie asks Dawn why she wasted part of their crystal. She says that they aren't going to let innocent children die. Charlie rightly points out that Dawn has an interesting set of rules. Dawn says that the accident was Faye's fault and the guilt would have killed her. She asks what he would have done if that had happened to Diana and he looks like he's this close to going, "Eh." But, maybe he's just thinking.

So, Faye has ruined another lovely night out at the Boathouse. Diana tells her that the paramedics said Sally will be OK. Faye's crying and says that she didn't mean for the accident to happen. She just couldn't control what she was feeling. Cassie is sold -- they should have the Binding Ceremony. No one else can get hurt. It would be wrong. She says that she doesn't want to be connected to them anymore than they want to be connected to her, but it's the right thing to do. Diana seems very pleased. They're going to meet at the beach at midnight.

Dawn is having a glass of wine at home, when Henry is there. He realizes that Dawn is the person behind a lot of this. He knows she used a crystal. He says there's no place for witchcraft in this world. She says that he just doesn't remember what it felt like to practice, but he insists that she give him the crystal. She has a better idea, she says as she holds the crystal in her hands. Why doesn't he take a load off? Because, it would be horrible if he had another heart attack. He then starts to have a heart attack. He slumps to the floor as she's talking about his arteries hardening and stuff. Christmas won't be the same. Before his last moment, she tells him that she loved his son.

Adam is driving Diana somewhere. He congratulates her for getting everybody's Bind on. She seems anxious and he asks her what it is. She says that she doesn't know what she's doing, even if she pretends that she does. She asks if she has anything to worry about with him and Cassie. "Why would you ask that?" he scoffs. Dick. She tells him that she's insecure and she loves him. He kisses her and says that he loves her too. That's bullshit. I feel really bad for Diana now.

Faye gets home and Dawn tells him that Henry left. She must have had some help getting that guy out of the house! She asks if Faye had been drinking earlier and that's why the Sally episode occurred. She says that things got out of hand. She reminds Faye that she's the principal and Faye apologizes for embarrassing her. Dawn hugs her and says that that could have been her that fell.

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