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Everybody's real serious to begin and it doesn't even appear to be about some sort of school dance. Could it be? We start with Faye and Melissa rifling through Faye's house. They're looking for Faye's family crystal. Melissa doesn't think they're going to find it because the elders would have been hanging onto them and they're the ones who stripped the powers from the Circle's parents. Faye points out that her grandfather is dead and says that, if he had a crystal, her mother found it. So, they look in the last place Faye would be, the bill chest. We all have wooden pirate chests where we keep our bills, yes? They don't find the crystal, but they do find Dawn's old diary from the '90s. She loved Weezer and John Blackwell.

At 7 Briar Hill, Diana and Cassie walk in on Adam and Jake reading about the Burning Times when a ton of witches were killed. And this was before the witch hunters had demons helping them. Faye and Melissa come in and announce that they had no luck finding the crystal. Cassie's is the only crystal they have so far. She says that her grandma told her that the crystal serves as a lens that amplifies individual power. Geeky! Faye, PER USUAL, decides that she wants to flippantly try out the power. So she grabs the crystal in order to make a vase shatter. Then, more glass starts to shatter and Cassie's screaming at her to stop. John appears and grabs the crystal and tells Faye that it's not a toy and that its power can be drained.

They discuss getting the rest of the crystals and Adam asks why they can't just tell their grandfolk about their predicament (i.e. being hunted down like foxes by witch hunters and demons), but John says that they'll just be stripped of their powers. Really? I'd think Henry being dead would put a real crimp in that generations Circle. Also, are they going to take on the witch hunters? If so, I'd be like, "Later. I'm going to plan a school dance." Jake says that he will drive to his granddad's to find his crystal. Adam's grandparents live on the other side of the country. Deedee from Hunter has been kinda hard to reach ever since she tried to kill Cassie. Melissa says that she could easily be able to search her grandmother's place.

John says that they shouldn't underestimate the elders, and recommends that they travel in groups. Adam suggests to Cassie that they go with Melissa but Cassie says that she was already planning on going with Jake to his granddad's. Faye calls shotgun -- she's going with Jake too. Diana says that she can help Melissa and they all leave. First though, Cassie stops and tells John that Jane called and is coming home. She says that she knows there is beef between them, but she would love to see them getting along. I'd love to see where John Blackwell gets his tailoring done. Daddy is seriously styling, which makes me on his side in this whole thing. John says that there are "a number of people" in town that he needs to reach out to and Jane is definitely one of them. That's sounds promising, like there will be some vague threats thrown around very soon. He gives Cassie back her crystal and she's on her way.

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Secret Circle




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