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Grant is waiting outside the coffee place where Cassie works when Diana shows up. He's got flowers and gives them to her and says that he will, for the next 24 hours, be nothing but true with her. He's got the boat for the afternoon, so he's taking to her some island place for a sunny picnic. Diana is sorry but she has to cancel. Melissa and Adam show up and Diana begs them to let her go on her date. They tell her to go and she does. While Adam grabs some coffees, Melissa checks her phone. Callum shows up and asks why she hasn't returned his calls. He apologizes for being weird to her about being a witch. Jake shows up and tells him to get away, saying that he only wants their power. This clues Callum into the fact that Melissa also has witch friends. Callum tells Melissa he'd never hurt her, but Jake is another story. He asks if they know how much a pound of witch blood goes for on the black market. First of all, we do not measure volume in pounds. Second, could someone please ask these fucking kids to enunciate? The fact that I have to use my closed captioning to understand what the hell these twits are mumbling? It's ridiculous. You are actors. Use your words. Another reason I love the actress playing Melissa. Clear as a bell. Anyway, Jake and Callum push each other a little bit and Jake continues to be made of Viagra and corn silk. He's so pretty, I can't stand it. Melissa breaks it up and they leave.

Cassie goes home and Jane is there. She didn't expect her until the next day. Jane seems super fine until Cassie says that John is back and they visited her at the clinic, which she says she remembered. Whatever happened to Jane is so muddy now, I don't think the actress has any idea what her affliction is. Jane still doesn't like John, but Cassie says that she wants them to get along. She agrees. There's a car honk and Cassie says that she has to go. Nice welcoming committee.

Later, Cassie and Jake are waiting for Faye in his truck. She apparently lied to Adam about having agreed to help Jake -- she's feeling weird around him. She tells Jake that the elixir worked but things are still weird. Faye gets in and they take off, with Callum following them on his motorcycle.

Melissa and Adam are at her grandma's place. She has a TON of crystals. Like, there's a huge crystal collection. They don't try a "real crystal light up" Circle thing, which is totes what I would have done. Meanwhile, Jake and the girls pull up to a house. Jake says that his parents kept him away from their grandfather, saying that he was crazy. He's not there, so they use their powers to unlock the door. There are a lot of locks. It's a total mess inside. There's a conspiracy wall inside, like we all have. This one is about witch hunters (mine is about rumors about Posh and Becks). Cassie finds a sheet of paper that lists the names and birthdates of all of the Circle peeps. Faye says that it means that Jake's grandpa is crazy. Cassie starts taking pics of the walls. Jake says that the last time he saw the old guy was when he crashed his parents' funeral talking about the end of the world. His aunt says that he fell apart after the folks died.

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Secret Circle




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