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Crystal Lite

Grant and Diana are at her place when Melissa shows up. She kisses him so that he doesn't see her. She goes to Adam and Melissa in the garage. They have all of the crystals and need her help finding the magic one. Grant comes out but Diana puts him off. He clearly thinks they're weird, but he's one to talk since he's a big liar. He goes and they use their powers and one of the crystals lights up, but then appliances turn on. I'm not sure if they saw which crystal lit up or not.

Faye tells Cassie that she read that her mom hooked up with John and Jake says that Isaac said something about there being more than one Balcoin descendant in the Circle. Crazy. Then, they hear glass breaking. Grandpa says that someone stole his map to the mine. It was Callum. Cassie finds the map in the pictures that she took and says that she'll send it to Melissa and Adam, who can get to the mine before Callum. Grandpa hugs Jake and says that he's sorry about Nick. Poor Jake, he looks like such an orphan right there. It's really sad.

Diana and Grant are trying to have a nice time when she gets another phone call. She has to go. He's incredulous but she says that she will make it up to him. She kisses him and runs away. Meanwhile, Melissa and Adam arrive at the mine. They don't see Callum's motorcycle. Apparently, their magic won't work around iron, but luckily, the place still has power. So, the lights work.

John visits Jane and things move along as planned. He's sitting in the chair and Charlie approaches with the crystal. John is immobilized. Charlie lights a match to put in the witch jar, but first Jane wants to know the truth about Amelia's death. At the mine, Melissa and Adam follow the map. Adam has to swing over this super deep drop-off. He finds the crystal! Then, as he's swinging back, he almost falls. Did they just share a moment? They see Callum with a flashlight and hide. They start to run out, but he catches up with them. He's got a gun. Adam tries to grab it and the gun goes off. Then Melissa just gives him the crystal and tells him to leave. The others, including Diana, arrive and Diana says that she heard a gunshot. Jake and Cassie go into the mine to check on Adam and Melissa, but Cassie can't go because of the spell on the mine. Faye tries to stop Callum's motorcycle with her "dark magic" but nothing happens and Diana has to push her out of the way to keep her from getting run over. Then Cassie comes out and stops the bike.

John tells Jane that he loved Amelia and that she ran away from both of them. The crystal is clear and John says that it would turn black if he was lying. Amelia says that she can't kill him, since he didn't kill Amelia. Charlie refuses to listen and lights a match and puts it in the jar. It kills Jane! John stands up and says that he had days alone in the house. He found the witch jar and made it for Jane instead. He forces Charlie to his knees and says that he would be dead except that he still has use for him.

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Secret Circle




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