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Sex Kills Birds
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We begin to find Cassie and Adam in bed together. He asks Cassie if they should make a spell that stops time. How cute. She tells him that they would be stuck in bed together, but he says that they could think of a way to pass the time. I don't follow. Meanwhile, John walks up to the house to find dozens of dead blackbirds lying in the yard.

John brings the kids outside. He tells them that the dead birds are a sign that they unleashed a curse. He doesn't know the details of the curse, but her grandmother would. They're going to visit her, even though Cassie says she's still in bad shape. FYI -- if you're in bad shape for that long, it means you're dying, which should upset you. Just feel like I should put that out there. In the meantime, John tells Cassie and Adam to keep their cursed parts to themselves.

Faye goes to Lee's place and finds Eva there. Eva says that Lee wanted time to think and went out for a while but Faye doesn't believe her since A) Eva is still there and B) Lee doesn't think. She calls out for him and starts to walk from his witch flea market garage into the house when Eva uses magic to hurl a glass globe into the wall beside her head. Since her back is to Eva, she doesn't see that the hurling happened with magic, but still thinks that bitch is crazy and gets out of there.

Later, she tells Melissa and Diana about the craziness at Lee's. She doesn't think Lee left town like Eva said because his car is still at this house and she thinks they should search it. I can't imagine what she expects to find in a car that's left behind, but whatevs. She gets the girls to reluctantly agree to help her.

Cassie visits Jane with John. When she sees Cassie she thinks that she's Amelia, but she remembers John and is not happy to see him. She tells Cassie/Amelia that a witch from long ago cursed the Conants and Blakes out of jealousy. She says that if they awaken the curse, someone in her Circle will die.

At 7 Briar Hill, Cassie explains to the rest of the Circle sans Jake that she and Adam awakened a curse, which oddly enough is how I refer to sex all of the time. Melissa and Diana start getting scratchy throats when they hear that one of them is supposed to die, but Faye says it's all bullshit and the curse stuff was made by old witches to keep the kids from having sex. The girls leave, with Diana giving Cassie and Adam a little look that could possibly mean, "Thanks for breaking this to me in the least sensitive way possible." Cassie mentions to Adam that they haven't heard from Jake.

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