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Sex Kills Birds

So, the elixir is for Cassie and Adam. It will make them forget about their feelings for each other. Well, they'll remember, but they won't feel that way anymore. Adam refuses, but Cassie insists. Adam says that he could never forget how much he loves Cassie, but we'll see. They kiss then drink.

Jake, feeling better, thanks John for helping him. John gives poor Jake a pep talk, though Jake feels that he doesn't deserve anything because he killed Calvin. John tells him that a man can change. The next morning, Cassie and Adam wake up on her couch. Adam's not nervous or worrying about if he's good enough for Cassie -- he's not in love with her anymore. He feels... good. Wow, that's the most genius thing this show has done. That's a perfect description of what it feels like to be in love. Cassie says that she feels the same way. He leaves and she hyperventilates.

Faye tells Melissa and Diana what happened. She thanks them for helping her as they comfort her regarding the entire Lee situation. John comes to Cassie and she tells him that she remembers everything. She still loves Adam. She starts bawling and he comforts her and it's very sweet. He tells her that he won't be far away ever again.

Charlie pays a visit to Jane's room late at night. She's getting a lot of visitors. She asks him what he wants and he says that he's going to make her better and she's going to help him destroy John Blackwell -- and his crystal appears. Dawn sees John on the street. She says that he made up the Conant/Blake curse (why would she know that but Ethan would believe it?) and got Jane to say what he wanted. He still has power. She accuses him of being afraid of Adam and Cassie's destiny, just like he was afraid of Ethan and Amelia's. He points out that Ethan and Amelia wanted to leave the Circle and their absence the day of the boat fire left everyone else vulnerable. He says that his power can't stop the witch hunters, who are using magic. That means that one of them is working with the witch hunters. Who could it be? Anyway, he tells Dawn not to question him again.

Poor Cassie goes to sleep staring at the stars on her ceiling.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at or followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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