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Over The Hills To Grandma's Coven

Diana walks in on Cassie in her room as she's looking over an attraction spell. She wants to bring Jake back to town. Sure, he's a witch hunter, but he risked his life for her and Adam and he knows about dark magic. Diana just insists that Cassie stay with her until Jane gets home, which she should have done a while ago, right?

Meanwhile, at the abandoned house, Faye shows Melissa a page she tore out of Cassie's Book of Shadows. She reckons that the magic being practiced in the spell is different than what the others practice. And, she thinks maybe part of what's different about it is that you can do it alone. She thinks the botanical nature of the spell may be the secret. I can't believe she would make that leap, but whatever. She shows Melissa a website that she found when she googled "Voodoo Botanica 50-mile radius of Chance Harbor," I shit you not. It belongs to fancily named Lee LeBeque.

Diana introduces Cassie to Dee Dee, who realizes who she is when she shakes her hand. They're about to sit down for dinner when Dawn arrives. She gives Charlie a big kiss and invites herself for dinner. At dinner, Dawn pours some wine for Dee Dee but Charles pours it out. His excuse is that he saw some cork in the glass. That's the most organic thing that has happened on this whole series. Dawn follows him into the kitchen and says that she's not trying to kill Dee Dee. Whatever.

Melissa and Faye go to some ranch-style home outside of town and are about to leave because they just can't imagine that spell-brewing happens inside, when the hottie who played Hastings on Friday Night Lights answers the door. Buy whatever he's selling. That's my advice. Faye tells him that she wants a consultation. He's about to take them to his garage and Faye flips because she finds that unprofessional. They tell him that they need help with a spell. They show him the page from the Book of Shadows and he tells them that it's dangerous.

Diana and Cassie are getting ready for bed when Adam shows up. He apologizes to Cassie for telling Diana about her dark magic. And, he says that everyone should know about what's going on with her and it's probably not that big of a deal. Then, he leaves. He couldn't have just waited until the next day?

At Lee's he does this spell that is supposed to help Faye tap into her powers. He does some chanting, then begins to unbutton her jacket, which Melissa stops. But Faye takes it off herself and he traces a start on her chest with some blood-colored liquid. He tells her to give the spell until tomorrow and she should think about something that she really wants. Then they leave.

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Secret Circle




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