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Over The Hills To Grandma's Coven

That night, Cassie wakes up frightened. She pours herself some OJ and Dee Dee talks to her. She knows about the dark magic. She tells her that she can overcome the darkness, but it requires a spell to draw out the darkness. Cassie is totes on board. The next day, Cassie tells Diana that they'll be doing the spell that night. Diana says that she can trust her grammie. Meanwhile, Faye is trying to perform a spell with Melissa looking on. It doesn't work, so she decides to go eff up this Lee character. She tells Melissa to come with her, but she refuses, stating that she's not going to be following Faye around anymore. Faye takes the news well and leaves without her.

Dee Dee takes Cassie to the woods. Cassie seems nervous. Back at her house, Diana looks in her grandma's bags and finds witch stuff, including some sort of root that gives her pause. So, Dee Dee has built a whole altar for the occasion. They start the spell and the wind starts blowing. It's very administrative, the whole affair. Lots of very specific steps. Not a lot of heart. At one point, Deeds snaps a twig and Cassie passes out. Meanwhile, Diana finds Adam at the abandoned house. The stuff she found in her grandma's bag is a plant that can kill witches. It's what the witch hunters put into the bottles that had their essence. They think she's going to try to kill Cassie. Maybe she's suicidal?

So, Dawn and Charlie meet. He tells her that he thinks she's right about his mother snooping for witch stuff. He says that he'll talk to her but Dawn is like ENDGAME, bitch must die. Charlie tells her to get out of his car. I don't see things working out between those two.

Cassie wakes up in a box. Deeds is about to put the lid on it and says that the earth has to bleed the darkness from her. That sounds like it could hurt. She puts the lid on and this sheet with some sort of a symbol painted on it over the top. Then, she puts a knife through it, barely missing Cassie's hand. She says that Cassie must die with her dark magic and, as the soil surrounding the box starts to cover it magic-like, she walks away. So, Cassie is naturally freaked. Then, she calms down and gets her dark magic face and the top blows off the box. Diana and Adam are arriving at just this moment and ask her if she's alright. She doesn't know

Deeds is getting ready to leave when Charlie confronts her. She tells him that she tried to kill Cassie, but just to test her to see exactly how powerful she is? I know, stick with me here. She says that Cassie is the one they've been looking for- the one who can tip the scales between good and evil. Charlie says he's going to tell the elders and she tells him that she knows he's involved in Henry's death and Jane's "demise." Wow. Seriously, the woman isn't dead. Why did she just say that? Do they not know what that word means. Do I? She tells him to come out of the darkness.

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Secret Circle




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