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We begin with Diana having more lovey-dovey time with Grant, which promptly gets interrupted by a call from Cassie. She mentions to him that she'd like him to take her across the country. I could be into that. Meaning, him taking her across the country. Meaning, away from here. Faye is getting roughed up by Eben and another lovely bad guy. Even though Cassie has told the Circle about how John rigged their mommies' uteri to get down with some babies at the same time, they realize that they need him to save Faye.

Eben calls Cassie and says that he'll return Faye in exchange for one crystal, so that they can't form a crystal skull. Meanwhile, Charlie tells Dawn about his episode where he saw Amelia. They're worried that they don't know where Diana or Faye are. He says that they need to have their power back.

Diana and Faye meet John on the shore of some lake. He tells them that creating the skull will unbind their Circle. Interesting. Diana says that they should talk to the rest of the Circle first but Cassie says that, in order to save Faye, they have no choice. John does this ritual of throwing the crystals into the water, the water bubbles and it comes out a skull! Charlie's mom shows up and agrees to give her powers to Dawn and Charlie! Powers for everyone!

At the boat yard, the rest of the Circle realizes that they have their solo powers back. Faye is able to free herself, whereupon she calls Dawn and tells her of the trouble she's in. I guess they were keeping up with the charade that the older people and the Circle didn't know each other's witch stuff.

Jake and Melissa sneak onto the ferry and find Faye. Jake and Faye kiss and then Eben comes in and throws them around and gets ready to kill them while demon snakes are flowing through his head. Cassie and Diana get defiant with John and try to use the crystal to kill Eben themselves, but John has other plans and knocks them out.

Diana and Cassie wake up on Briar Hill. They're trapped in this fire circle thing. John says everything he has done, he has done for them. Eben starts to light the kids up at the stake. Charlie distracts Eben by pulling the demons out of him. Unfortunately, they crawl up into his brain. Jake stabs Eben for his parents and Nick. Charlie jumps off of the ferry, ostensibly to kill the demons inside of him.

Cassie realizes that John let their parents get killed so he could easily manipulate their circle. John performs this chant that makes the skull turn black, then he explains that he is planning on killing every witch that doesn't have Balcoin blood, because they're weak. Melissa and co. start burning up from the inside at this point. John tells the girls that he has four more offspring that are coming to join them. Adam sneaks in and tries to grab the skull but John starts flinging him around the room, as he's burning up from the inside. Cassie and Diana can't get out of the fire circle thing, so Cassie starts choking Diana to make her access her dark magic. That works and they get out and grab the skull and point it at John. He's dead.

Later, Cassie apologizes to the rest of the Circle for letting John into their midst. Adam agrees to dispose of the skull. Diana tells everyone that she's leaving town. She wants to get away from everyone. She and Grant leave to travel the country together, even though she has a Balcoin seal on the palm of her hand now! Faye invites Melissa over. She's ready to party with her solo magic. It looks like Melissa is game too. Jake gets a package from his grandfather saying that the other Circles are coming together. There's a vial with some grainy substance inside of it. Charlie's mother traps the demons inside of him and makes him catatonic, like Heather. Adam has NOT thrown the skull away, instead enjoying its sexy power. We see four figures looking at Chance Harbor from afar and it appears that they have Balcoin symbols on their hands as well.

Secret Circle




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