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Enchantment Under The Charred Remains of The Gym
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Dear People Who Run This Show: Do you really think we need the entire premise of the series laid out for us before every episode? I understand the desire to pick up new viewers, but I would think you would try to make what happened inside of the show engaging enough to pull people along. Just hearing Cassie's stupid dead mom tell her she's a witch is not enough.

And we begin with Cassie and Diana in Diana's bedroom. I'm assuming all of the empty bedrooms in the house are being used to house Charlie's shoe and beanie baby collections and that's why the two of them are sharing a bed. Diana's just out of the shower and Cassie's still in bed looking at her Book of Shadows, which she thinks will tell her about her father. Why would she think that? It is it a memoir or a book of spells? Wasn't it her mother's family's book? Why would her mother -- who took great pains to keep her far away from Chance Harbor and any memory of her father -- leave her a book that told her about dark magic? You could argue that it's a "More You Know..." scenario, but then why wouldn't she have just taught her this shiz from the beginning if it was as easy as Charlie setting her damn house on fire to thwart her plans of keeping Cassie in the dark... no pun intended. And, why did they kill her? Couldn't they have used her help? Ugh. They leap from random idea to random idea on this show without ever digging into the logic (or lack thereof) of the crap they've already given to us. Anyway, Diana wonders if it's a great idea for her to learn about her father. And, seriously, those pages are so old -- how are they still writing on them? Is it laminated? Jake told her that knowing where it comes from can help her control it, but Diana doesn't think they should take his advice. Cassie reminds her that Jake is still a part of the Circle, with that weird inheritance clause about Nick dying and passing on his Circlehood to Jake. She wonders what will happen if he never comes back and Diana says that they won't be as strong (who cares? You people hardly ever do magic.), but they'll be better off. Now, it's fun time. Diana says that she's running the Fire/Ice Winter dance at school and they're only supposed to wear red or white, but she has this black dress. Why don't they try to change it to red? Fun! This could be fun! So, they hold the dress and start chanting about threads and yarn and stuff turning to red and, wouldn't you know it, the dress catches on fire. Wear natural fibers, folks. Cassie's like, "That was me."

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