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Enchantment Under The Charred Remains of The Gym

At the Boathouse, Ethan tells Adam that he's chaperoning the school dance. Wow. Chance Harbor does NOT know how to take care of its children. DWILF or not, the guy should not be in charge of anyone's safety nor their fruit punch. He tells Adam that he's been off the sauce for a couple of weeks. Things are tense between the two of them. Ethan apologizes for what he said to Diana about him and Cassie. Adam confesses that he has felt a connection with Cassie since the moment he laid eyes on her. Drunk Father Knows Best.

At school, Diana tells Cassie to not worry about the dress. Cassie is worried because they were doing Circle magic but the dark magic took over. I'm confused. Why would dark magic want to burn your clothes? Is it ugly magic? Or, is it just ballistic magic? Let's figure out dark magic, please. Maybe Cassie just really didn't like the silhouette. Melissa meets them in the parking lot and seems like she's in a much better mood. She volunteers to help Diana with the dance. Yay! Diana asks where Holden is -- he went back to school. That sucks, because she was going to ask him to the dance. Weird. Who does that? It's that night. It's settled, they're all going stag. Have you noticed how no one's looking for Luke, the guy Cassie set on fire? Suddenly, Cassie thinks she sees Jake. She follows him, but it turns out to be someone else who looks at her like, "You wanna piece?"

Faye can't get her locker open. Diana approaches her (she's not happy about that) and tells her what time she can show up for the dance. Dawn signed her up for the decorating committee. Faye responds aloud to herself, "Hilarious." Adam approaches Cassie and asks her how she is. She wants to find out about her dad. They decide to check city records. Together. Diana sees them talking and it looks like it makes her feel funny.

Later, Faye sees Lee Lebeque in the parking lot. He says that he has been watching her. He says that he has seen that her Circle includes "blondie"(duh), "emo boy" (heh, Adam) and "girl scout" (double duh). How does he know that? They don't even hang out. WHERE IS JANE? God, this show. I mean, seriously, is she going to die? He says that he knows that she lost her power after they bound their Circle. She gets saucy and vaguely threatens to set his car on fire or something before walking away. She likes him, though.

At the city records office, a lady tells them that they'll need a birth certificate and photo ID to access personal information. John's birth certificate? Her own? Because his birth certificate isn't going to prove that they're related. So, doesn't she have a birth certificate? She wouldn't have been able to enroll in school without it. Adam asks her for records about the property lines of the Boathouse, which sends her to the back. He tells Cassie to look on the computer while he stands lookout. Luckily, she is able to navigate the city records software perfectly. There's nothing: no records, except one address -- 7 Briar Hill. Holy crap, Adam has to show her something. They go to the abandoned house and look up an abandoned street marker. 7 Briar Hill it is. Where's 9 Briar Hill? Or any other Briar Hill house?

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Secret Circle




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