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Enchantment Under The Charred Remains of The Gym

Inside 7 Briar Hill. This is where her dad lived. She asks how they found it and he says that, inside of Diana's Book of Shadows, there was a map that showed the "confluence of energy points in Chance Harbor." It brought them to the woods, where their magic is supposed to be at its strongest. So, it's like a cell phone signal, this magic. He takes her to the basement. Why? He decides that's a good time to ask her to the dance, but she doesn't want to make Diana upset. He wonders what if they are supposed to be together, but she says she can't think about that. Wet rag.

At the school, Faye makes fun of Melissa working on decorations. She tells Melissa that she's working with Lee to get her solo powers back. Apparently, his grandpa was a big voodoo guy, so he's not complete horse shit? Melissa scoffs and Faye low blows and says that Melissa's taste in men isn't so great either. Boo. Not nice.

Cassie is about to leave the basement when she hears some metal clanging. She turns on a light and for some reason looks up and sees a sign etched into the ceiling boards. Meanwhile, Melissa and Diana are getting ready for the dance and reminiscing about being kids together. They decide to work on their friendship more. Cassie runs in and shows them an drawing of the etching she saw. She knows that she has seen that in her Book. Diana thinks it's weird that a symbol that her dad wrote would be in her mom's family book. Right? Why didn't you say that earlier? Cassie notices that there's a page missing from her book. Melissa doesn't say a word. Cassie says that Faye is the only person who has had the book.

Faye's at Lee's place. He has cleaned up since she trashed it. He tells her that the sign on the page from the Book was designed to draw dark magic out of people. He's saying that he can pull the magic out of a person with dark magic. She bitches that Cassie doesn't even want her power, so they decide to take it. He warns her though that dark magic can turn on her. He says he would tether their energies together. They don't even need Cassie in the room, but they do require an object of Cassie's that has emotional significance to her. She asks what he's getting out of this and he says that he'll ask a favor of her one day. She says that she's not having sex with him, but they totally are and that's not the favor he's asking. Later for that, though. Just then, she gets a call from Cassie, who is furious about the ripped page. Faye's all, poor Cassie, you're always such a victim. I steal boyfriends and almost kill people, but I'm the victim. Wow. Cassie tells her to stop being pathetic and just give the page back. She says that she will -- at the dance.

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