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Enchantment Under The Charred Remains of The Gym

Everybody's jamming in the high school nightclub. Seriously, the floor is shiny black like where there would be photo shoots. Cassie catches up with Ethan and asks him to tell her about her father, but he's not having it. She asks if her father caused the big fire, but he tells her that it doesn't matter. He then says that her dad didn't start the fire and she doesn't have to be like him. He says that her mother wouldn't want her looking into this, but Cassie says that she doesn't have a say anymore. Take that, dead mom.

Melissa sees Diana looking at Adam and asks if she misses him. She does. Melissa says that she knows that "just moving on" is impossible. Diana says that's not the case -- they're powerful, witchy, slutty-dressed (her words, not mine) girls. Diana decides to talk to Aaron Wegner and his news anchor teeth. She's moving on.

Lee and Faye break into Cassie's house and take a necklace. She thinks she sees something in the window at Jake's place, but nothing materializes. Later, like fast, they are in a school room and Lee is painting a symbol on the floor. Faye is standing in the center in a white dress. They really do move awfully fast. He lights some candles as Faye holds Cassie's necklace, then starts to unzip her dress. She stops him, but he asks her if she wants Cassie's power or not. Exactly what is she going to have to do for this? She lets him continue. Meanwhile, Cassie finds Adam and shows him the symbol that was on the page that Faye tore out. He saw it in Spellcraft, which is I guess the witches' trade paper. He knows it's black magic related. That discovery was about as organic as Adam's hair products.

Back in the classroom, Lee takes this walrus tooth or something and starts cutting(? -- I mean, there's blood or something red that happens afterwards, but Faye is remarkably chill about being sliced) her back in little lines as he tells her that there are 5 energy points along her spine. I guess this is a fresh test or something. He wipes some stuff along the cuts then wipes it with a tissue and puts the tissue in his pocket.

Diana and Adam meet in the hall and Adam tells her that he saw her dancing with Aaron and he wishes her the best. He tells her that Cassie is afraid of hurting their feelings by being around him. She agrees to talk to Cassie. When he walks away, she sheds a tear.

Lee takes the necklace from Faye and puts it around her neck, which makes the symbol around them catch fire. She's so going to get in trouble with her mother. On the dance floor, Adam, Diana and Melissa all start to swoon. Cassie sees Melissa and asks her if she wants to sit. She says she's going to the bathroom to splash some water on her face.

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Secret Circle




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