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Enchantment Under The Charred Remains of The Gym

Faye walks towards the dance floor, stopping to unlock her locker with magic. See? That's all she needs from this magic stuff. She bumps into a girl on the floor and tells her to get out of the way, then makes her glass freeze and explode (because they are going to have actual glassware at a high school dance). Suddenly, Melissa passes out in the bathroom, hitting her head on the counter on the way down.

Cassie sees Faye and asks for the page. Faye says that she doesn't have it. Cassie calls her a bitch then walks off. So, Faye decides to make one of the table centerpieces of fake fire become real fire. She does that to all of them, until, well, everything's on fire. Diana passes out and Cassie catches her. She susses out that this is about Faye. She asks why she has solo magic and Faye says that she's borrowing hers. She got the spell from the page she stole. Adam starts swooning again and Cassie tells her that she's the one causing it. Why can't she just see that for herself? Anyway, she takes Lee aside and says that she wants to reverse the spell. She has to threaten him before he'll tell her how to do it -- set some oil on fire and put the necklace in it.

At this point, the school gym starts collapsing. Everyone's running out hysterically. Everyone's outside... except Melissa. Cassie runs back in to get her and finds her in the bathroom, but is overcome with smoke. Right before she passes out, she sees some black boots running to her.

Melissa and Cassie wake up on the grass and don't know how they got there, though Cassie does remember the boots. They all confront Faye and she tells Melissa that she can't act innocent. She confesses to having known about the stolen page, but didn't say anything out of loyalty. Faye can't understand why she's getting such a bad rap when Cassie is always accidentally killing people or almost killing them. That's like comparing vampires and shapeshifters, dummy. Faye eventually stomps off in a huff. She really hates Cassie. Ethan comes out and embraces Adam then gives Cassie some side eye re: the recent fire. Later, Melissa says that she feels bad for Faye, but she's scared by her lust for power. Diana says that she's actually scared of Cassie's lack of ability to control the dark magic.

Faye goes to Lee and tells him that she's done with her Circle. She says that the spell didn't work -- she got the Circle's magic, not Cassie's. They're super flirty but nothing happens. Adam finds Cassie in the basement of 7 Briar Hill. She wonders if maybe her dad was trying to get rid of his own dark magic with the symbol on the ceiling. She's contemplating using the spell that Faye just used, but Adam tells her to give him the book. They play a little tug of war, then they get close. Adam tells her that her destiny is important to him. Then, KISSING. THEN? Jake walks down the stairs. Wow, Cassie's heels are really high.

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Secret Circle




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