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Cat Got Your Tongue?
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We begin again with the perpetually unsupervised Nick and Melissa getting dressed in the morning. Melissa asks Nick if he likes her new blouse. He does. He also likes to kiss her neck as she's getting dressed. Nick gets hotter with every episode. Who's with me? She stops him and says that she's going to be late for school. "What could be better than school?" she jokes. Well, how about opening your blouse with special magic powers? This is what Nick does, because when he's by himself, he has to undo buttons manually. This is so much better. Nick does have an ethical standard though. He says that some things should be done by hand and starts kissing her and unhooks his bra with his own calloused fingers.

Cassie is at home researching Heather Barnes. Later, she talks to Diana about her findings. After the fire, Heather spent two years in a psychiatric hospital. After she was released, she "dropped off the face of the earth." She had a brother in Finn Creek -- Cassie asks Diana if she'll drop by his place with her. She can't make it. Make what? That's Adam. He's there now. Diana fills him in and Adam says that Cassie shouldn't go to Finn Creek alone, because it's a sketchy area. Though she resists, Diana insists that Adam accompany Cassie.

Faye is at her locker and unable to open her combination lock. That school must have the toughest combination locks ever. They're always having problems. Suddenly, it opens. Hey, it's Melissa. Faye says that she hates this binding stuff. Why be a witch if you can't do magic by yourself? She wants to be like The Craft with hair color changes and spells on boys. This seems like the absolute truest thing. I can see Faye caring nothing more than about learning how to change her hair color with magic. She asks Melissa to practice with her later, but she's hanging with Nick. Faye reminds her that it probably won't last. Not nice. She says that Nick is a dog and has hit on every girl in school -- though we haven't seen him speak to even a single person who isn't a part of the Circle -- and she doesn't want to be that loser girl who thinks that he'll change for her. Melissa's all, fine, he's a loser, I'm a loser. She seems upset but that's a surprisingly effective way to end that conversation.

Adam and Cassie are in Finn Creek, an old partially-abandoned fishing village. It's scary in the way that unmowed lawns and rust are scary. Sure, you might get tetanus, but the place doesn't look that dangerous otherwise. They knock on a door. A guy with a huge forehead answers and he actually does seem a little scary. They say that they are looking for Wade Barnes, well, actually Heather Barnes. He's Wade. They explain that Heather and Amelia were friends and he does not seem pleased to hear Amelia's name. He's cryptic but says that Heather won't speak to them. Adam's all, shouldn't she decide? Fine, he says, come on in. They find Heather sitting in a chair and... she's completely catatonic. She hasn't moved in 16 years. No one knows what has caused her state. Cassie leans forward and whispers to Heather that she's sorry and goddammit if she doesn't reach out and grab Cassie and hold on as Wade and Adam pull her away. If you've been waiting all this time just to really scare someone, Heather? Well played.

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Secret Circle




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