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Cat Got Your Tongue?

Wade is completely freaked, but points out that Cassie arriving was what made her move for the first time in all these years. Cassie sees this skin tattoo thing on Heather's wrist. Adam notices it too. Cassie apologizes to Wade and they leave. On the way out, Adam tells Cassie that the scar on her wrist is used in spells. Cassie wonders aloud if Heather's state was what Zachary Larson was talking about when he said that Amelia did something to Heather worse than death. No, it was that they made her watch reruns of Caroline in the City. Uh, how many things worse than death can you have in your life? Of COURSE, it's her state. Cassie can't figure out why her mother would do this to a friend and Adam says that they can't be sure she did. Cassie can.

Cassie brings Adam to her house. Her grandmother is at the hospital, working a double shift as a nurse. That lady is never home. She shows Adam her family book of spells. He asks to see it. He's really excited. As Adam is smelling her hair or something creepy like that, Cassie flips to a page with a marking like the one on Heather's wrist. It's a suppression spell and Cassie sees her mother's handwriting in the book near the mark, so it must have been her that put the spell on Heather. Pretty easy deduction, don't you think? I wish all of life were that simple. I see handwriting, I understand everything. Cassie wonders why her mother would hurt someone like this. They look for a way to undo the spell. It's there. Cassie wants to undo the spell and find out from an animated Heather what the hell is up.

At The Boathouse, Faye finds Melissa in a booth. Faye apologizes for bashing Nick. If she likes him, she's on board. She wouldn't want Melissa to think that she's jealous of him. You know, as much bitch as she can be, Faye is revealing herself to have the most nuanced emotions of this whole bunch. But, then, Faye point outside. Nick is talking to a girl. Melissa calls her a bitch. Faye gets up and says that, no, she's her friend. Then, she walks away.

Adam says that they'll need a magic potion to undo the spell on Heather. They will need some of Cassie's blood. She can't do it herself because she's afraid of needles. So, Adam pricks her finger, which is weirdly sexual. Or not weirdly but overtly, though they are doing something that really doesn't have anything to do with sex.

Aside: I wish this show, which does such a great job at setting a compelling tone, would enjoy the journey a little more and focus a little less on the destination. Rushed moments like Cassie's discovery of how her mom is responsible for the spell on Heather don't need to happen. We would all like to spend more time looking at that damn spell book, right? Let's just do that then!

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Secret Circle




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