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Cat Got Your Tongue?

Adam extracts blood from Cassie's fingertip then wraps it in a tissue. He's holding her hand when Diana walks in -- NATURALLY. Diana doesn't think it's a good idea. What if they do the spell wrong and it hurts her worse. Another aside: Diana's a great character, right? She's this prototypical good-girl-on-TV person, yet the circumstances of her character make her less than totally trustworthy. I like it. More scary Diana, please. Cassie says that they will be careful, but Diana doesn't know how she could even know a spell, since her spell book doesn't have anything like it. NEW BOSS WITCH IN TOWN, Diana! Adam tells her that Cassie has a book. Diana is clearly bothered but makes it about the spell. She says that it's too risky and they won't help her, so she won't be able to do the spell. Adam tells Cassie that he will talk to her.

Nick finally comes into The Boathouse and Melissa has obviously been waiting and fuming. She asks him who "the chippy" that he was talking to was. That's one of my favorite phrases! He's not taking this seriously. He asks if he's not allowed to talk to girls anymore. She says that Faye was right and she was hoping that she'd have a few minutes with him before he became a douche. Now he's taking this seriously. He thought things were going well. She stomps off. Not going well.

Cassie is in the abandoned house looking through stuff when Faye arrives. I seriously think that abandoned cottage chic will be the next design craze. This place is fantastic. Cassie explains that she wants to undo a spell and Diana and Adam won't help her. Then, Faye sees that Cassie has her own Book of Shadows. I guess that's what we call them? They should just have a glossary. Faye says that she will help her with the spell if she lets her look at the book.

Looks like that worked, because here we are in Finn Creek. The girls are hiding and watch Wade leave his house. They sneak into his place and find Heather, who could probably use a neck pillow. That's the first thing she's going to talk about when they wake her up. Faye says that Cassie's mom must have been "one mean-ass witch" to do this to a person. The rub the potion on Heather's wrist scar thing, then start chanting. It doesn't work at first, so they chant again, real intense this time. It still isn't working and Wade comes home. He hears a noise and runs into the room where his sister is, but the window is open and no one is there. He puts a blanket on Heather.

Faye and Cassie are walking home and lamenting that the spell didn't work. They were hoping to find out what happened the night of the fire. Faye reminds Cassie that she lost her father that night and wants to know as well. They're all in the same boat -- a boat full of "sad witches." Faye wants to look at Cassie's book and she agrees, begrudgingly. Meanwhile, this snake-looking things starts to move under Heather's skin, where the scar is. It moves towards her heart and suddenly she's awake with a start. She stands up and seems happy for a second, then she snarls and throws poor Wade, Wade who has been taking care of her sad ass for 16 years, against the wall and walks out.

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Secret Circle




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