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Cat Got Your Tongue?

I guess the demon figures it's no match for Nick, so Heather runs off. She makes it to the street when she is stopped by Wade. He calls her name and she turns to look at him just in time to be plowed down by an SUV. Ouch. He drops to his knees as the driver is saying that she came out of nowhere (not exactly). Heather is dead and is carted away by an ambulance. Before she leaves, the demon snake slithers out of a cut in her arm and onto Nick's bag. Wade says that she's at peace now. Melissa leaves with Nick, which only increases her jealousy. Diana says that there's too much they don't understand and they have to be careful about their magic.

Later, Nick and Melissa go back to his place. They agree to spend the night together, but first Nick says that he's not going to be the guy Melissa wants him to be. He's going to disappoint her. She says that's the sweetest thing he has ever said to her. She has issues. Cassie tries to clean up a little when there's another knock at her door. It's Adam. She shakes her head with a smile and answers. She asks if Diana knows that he's there. She doesn't. He was worried about her and wanted to help her clean. She lets him. He asks if she has a broom and she says of course, she's a witch. I love the witch humor. Adam agrees with Cassie's desire to find out what happened at the fire, even if Diana doesn't. Meanwhile, Nick and Melissa are asleep when the demon slithers into Melissa's ear!

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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