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We begin with Melissa and Nick in bed. I understand that Nick has no parents and Melissa has fewer than she was born with, but is it really this easy to sleep over at a trick's house? Anyway, Melissa asks Nick if he wants to go to the dance at the school and he reminds her that she doesn't want anyone to know that they're seeing each other. She says she just didn't want anyone to think she was slutty (read: anyone=Nick and slutty=emotionally invested) but now she's feeling a little slutty. I hope that Melissa is better at witchcraft than she is at relationships. Nick says that they're not dating and if that's the direction she's headed, no more nookie for her. It usually doesn't happen this way, but Nick gets cuter the more he talks. Melissa calls him a dick and throws a shoe at his back.

At school, Sally, sporting a sling (and that's the extent of her injuries after having been flung 15 feet through a wooden guardrail onto a bed of jagged rocks, Sally should try MMA), spots Cassie in the hall and tells her that she knows her SECRET. She's really just talking about the fact that Cassie hasn't signed up for any extra-curriculars. So, she can help Sally with the dance. Sally doesn't remember anything from her accident, but feels like Faye was involved.

Adam and mortal Luke are talking about Cassie. Luke would like to help her get a little more comfortable in town, if you catch his drift. He's really not as creepy as this scene kind of makes him look. Assertive high school boys always seem sinister on TV. This one seems sweet though.

Charlie visits Dawn's office and tells her that Henry's body is in the lakehouse and won't be found until it needs to be. He says that Henry brought his death on himself, but Dawn says that doesn't make it any easier -- him being Faye's grandfather and all. Charlie searched Henry's house and didn't find any crystals. Also, he knows that the Circle is bound. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the crystals or not. Dawn says that they have a limited amount of time. She says that some people in Chance Harbor still remember -- the dangerous witchery from before the Prohibition, I'm sure. Diana sees Charlie leave Dawn's office and is surprised.

Sally and Cassie are together when Luke and Adam walk down the hall towards them. Sally remarks that "he" is so cute and Cassie says that he's taken. Hmm. Sally's talking about Luke, who is indeed a stud. They approach and Adam introduces Luke, who tells Cassie that he's available. Seriously, he says that. Cassie seems really uncomfy, mostly probably that it was her secret written-in-the-stars soul mate/witchraft partner that introduced her to the guy who just asked her out. Adam leaves and Luke asks Cassie to the dance. She asks for a raincheck. This dude does not get many rainchecks. Cassie!

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Secret Circle




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