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Later, at The Boathouse, Sally and Cassie are going over plans for the dance. Sally figures out, from the staring, that Cassie is into Adam. Afterwards, Adam asks Cassie what she thought of Luke and he seems sort of jealous, which bothers her. So, she goes up to Luke and tells him that she would love to go to dance with him, but she's just going to meet him there. Lame.

As she's walking to her car, which always seems dangerous here, she gets stopped by some dude Zachary who knew her mother. All of the parent-age people in this town are hot. He doesn't know that her mother is dead. He says that he works on a fishing boat and doesn't get back much. He seems bothered to hear that Cassie is living in Chance Harbor and tells her that her mother vowed to never come back. He grabs her arm and says that she's just like her mother. Diana approaches him and witch-throws him against a car. He says that she shouldn't have come there and he's not going to let this happen again. Mysteries!

Diana and Cassie arrive at the abandoned house and, seriously, if these kids can't get things started with this whole witchcraft business, they should seriously think about a career in decorating or maybe even landscape architecture given the number of plants in the place. It's really gorgeous. Faye surprises them because she's already there. She's pissed that she doesn't have powers anymore. Diana tells everyone that Cassie was attacked. Adam knows Zachary. Faye is excited to hear that Diana could use magic, but Diana says it's because more than one of them was there. Lots of rules for this magic. Cassie says that Sally is asking questions about Faye and her accident as well. Faye decides to leave and Melissa says that Diana should have told them that binding would take away their individual powers.

The next morning, Charlie wakes Diana and asks her about the Zachary incident. He says that Zachary was imbalanced. She asks about him and Dawn and he says that they are seeing each other. She seems excited. Cassie looks through her mother's yearbook and finds pictures of Zachary with her mother. She tells Diana and they wonder if Zachary was at the fire with the old Circle. Meanwhile, Melissa and Faye are trying to work together to make some magic. They manage to move a cell phone across the floor. Nick is nearby and makes a joke about what the three of them could do together. Melissa tells Faye that she's going to the dance and Faye is stunned. Melissa says that just because their witches doesn't mean they can't go to a dance; but Faye says that it's them not being lame that precludes them from going to dances. Melissa likes dancing. She just wants to be a kid and she wants Faye to come with her. Faye says that she can be alone, because, unlike Melissa, she likes herself. Why is everybody so mean to that girl?

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Secret Circle




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