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Back on the floor, Luke decides to take a hike because Cassie has been so distracted. She seems surprised, which is surprising. I thought this was what she was trying to make happen. He tells her that he's a pretty good date and it's a shame she didn't give him a chance. I agree. Faye finds Nick and tells him Zachary is after them. She adds that he needs to be good to Melissa because she likes him.

In a dark hallway (great security at this dance, what kind of party atmosphere are they trying to create?), Cassie runs into Zachary. Charlie shows up looking considerably less shit-kicked than he did on the boat. Dawn finds some kids necking in a classroom and tells them to get back to the gym, but with this lighting scheme, I don't know what she could have expected.

The others realize that they don't know where Cassie is just around the time that Zachary finds her and is about to kill her. The Circle makes lockers open and papers fly around and shit. Diana says that she's sorry Heather died, but it isn't their fault. Zachary replies that what Amelia did to Heather is far worse than death. All of them are together now and they drive Zachary up to the ceiling and slam him on the floor. He's still breathing. Dawn shows up and Diana says that he was breaking into lockers. Everyone helps with the lies. He "slipped" on the papers and hit his head. Dawn says that she will take care of it and the kids should go. Then, she calls Charlie.

Later, Faye tells the others that Dawn decided to keep the Zachary thing quiet, so the school wouldn't look bad. Cassie thanks all of them for saving her life and Faye tells her to not get sappy (but she says it with a smile). Cassie wants to know what Amelia did to Heather, but Diana says they should all just go home. Diana wants to make sure that Cassie gets home OK. ALSO, Nick invites Melissa to his house, this time for just talking. And probably sex later. Faye sees it and is happy/bothered. What does she want? Sally witnesses the mess in the hall at school!

At Cassie's house, Diana says that she knows that Cassie is a loner, but she feels like they are better together than apart. Cassie apologizes for being rude to Diana who says that she sees the way Adam looks at her. She says she loves Adam and Cassie says she has nothing to worry about. Awkward! Teary-eyed, Diana says that she likes Cassie and would like to be friends. OK, that actress just nailed that. Diana seemed both entirely human and entirely crazy all in the same moment.

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Secret Circle




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