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Spells of the Father
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We begin with Faye getting ready for school. Prediction: Something HUGE will happen before the day is over. Off the bat, I have to say I find the episode structure of this show pretty pedestrian. We're talking about freaking WITCHES with ancient bloodlines and shit. Having every episode wrap up in a day just seems to make things simpler than they should feel. Dawn comes in and tells her that she really needs Faye to be on her best behavior for the Casino Night fundraiser that is happening at the school that evening (i.e. the huge event that will be happening in this episode). Faye suggests that she bring a date, so that she can fixate on something besides her. Why doesn't she bring Cassie's dad? "Haven't you heard? He's back from the dead."

Cassie has made coffee and gives up a cup to her dad. Seriously, Blackwell is looking TIGHT. I'm not sure who the personal shopper is but bravo. Everything fits perfectly and I can't say enough about the hair and beard grooming. John says that he thinks he should stay there until her grandmother gets back but she doesn't because she doesn't know him and everyone is terrified of him. He says that he hates that they don't know each other. He's happy to answer any questions she has. First, did he love her mother? He says he loved her more than anyone in the world. He hurt her because of what he'd become -- dark magic changed him. Cassie says that's just an excuse because she's got a ton of dark magic and it hasn't changed her. Not yet, he says. You can't control dark magic. She says that she can. God, is she really that stupid? She obviously can't control it, we've already seen that. It bothers me that so much of the movement of this show is based on people either being stupid or loose-lipped. Cassie melts a coffee cup to show that she's in control and John tells her to stop because the more you use it, the more it takes control. It makes you destructive and vindictive. She tells him that he doesn't know her very well and walks away.

Later, Jake is going for a stroll or whatever it is that he does and John meets him on the sidewalk. He rhetorically asks if he looks after Cassie. Jake nods, then walks the other way on the sidewalk. At the coffee shop, where Cassie is still employed, the Circle has gathered. Faye wonders if John has another family somehwere and suggest that, if there is another Cassie, there could be one for Adam and one for Jake. Yikes. Melissa wonders why John, if he's such a big bad dark magic force, didn't do anything to stop Eben and the witch hunters. She waited until now to ask that? Cassie says that John's powers were stripped, just like the rest of his Circle. Jake says that none of them could have stopped Eben and reminds them that he was mobile after being impale on a tree. Adam asks accusitatively how Eben got that power and Jake says that he didn't have a chance to ask because Eben was too busy trying to kill him. Can't really argue with that. Unless you're Adam.

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