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Spells of the Father

Adam and Cassie sneak into Jake's house. Hidden there is a trinket that Adam and Nick had found when they first moved into 7 Briar Hill. It's a sway, used to take power from other witches. She takes it from him and says that she's going to ask John about it. At the coffee shop, Melissa admonishes Diana and Faye both for not going after these boys more forcefully. Because, really, that's where their minds should be, on boys and how to make those boys happy.

John, who has been at the movies all day or something, meets Cassie at her house. She shows him the sway and asks why he's trying to take the powers of other witches. He says that it doesn't actually do that -- it transfers power temporarily to a mortal, which is how Eben was able to kill all those witches at the boat fire. Only another witch would have been able to make the sway work, someone who was on the boat that day. He can sense that Cassie knows something. He says that Eben is possibly still working with the same witch who betrayed them before. She tells him to get out.

Later, Faye shows up in her party dress at Lee's place. She is met by Eva who says that she's his girlfriend. Lee shows up and kisses Eva. She does not have good luck in that place. She stomps out and Lee tells Eva that she has a crush on him.

Diana is running the chips table at Casino Night when Grant throws down some crisp Benjamins. He decided to leave the next day. Ooh. She tells him that his Blackjack advice has an exception. I can't stand all the advice. He walks away and Melissa shows up carrying a tray of drinks, because that's completely legal. I guess they could non-alcoholic, but... still looks kinda bad.

Cassie's getting ready in her bathroom when Adam shows up and it doesn't scare her. Seriously? She tells Adam John's news about what happened on the boat. He gathers that Cassie is considering Ethan as the Judas of the old Circle. They argue about whose father is good or bad. He's a real baby about it. Later, she goes to Jake and tells him the news and he's upset that she's considering not telling John that she saw Ethan on the boat. Afterwards, he calls John.

Adam goes to Ethan. He wants to know what happened between him and Blackwell. He says it's affecting him and Cassie. Ethan says that she's worth fighting for. Spill it, Conant! Meanwhile, Faye is sulking around the fundraiser. Melissa says that Lee is an idiot. Oh wait, he's there. Faye tears into him, but Lee says it's complicated and kisses her. She's nice again.

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