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Spells of the Father

John shows up at the fundraiser. Dawn is behind her in a quiet hallway and he throws her against a locker. She's a cat on a hot tin roof. She says she never believed he was dead. She says that she thinks they can get their power back. He wants to see Ethan and he has no time for her shit.

Adam decides to go the fundraiser and apologizes to Cassie, who is also cocktailing. They both agree to be easier on each other's dads. Dawn tells Cassie that her dad is there. Faye and Melissa use their powers to win at Blackjack. FINALLY. Some magic happens. Eva shows up at the fundraiser and is super upset. He tells her that he's with Eva now.

Jake ALSO shows up at the fundraiser. Can someone give this guy something to rub on? Melissa tells him that Cassie's really into Adam. Grant exchanges his winnings for two stuffed monkeys and gives one to Diana. Wow. Steamy. Cassie walks into the parking lot just in time to see John get stabbed by some shadowy person. She runs to his side, but then runs after the stabber. This is cool. The guy runs across the football field and Cassie runs after, turning the lights on with her power along the way. Then, she makes some bleachers break off and knock the guy down. She's pissed. She uses her power to pick up a piece of wood, then turns the guy over. It's Ethan. It doesn't matter, she's about to bash his brains in when John stops her. Ethan runs off. Later, John patches himself up and Cassie says that the dark magic was taking her to a bad place. John tells her that she has to stop practicing magic completely.

Grant walks Diana to her car and we hear that he's a fancy world traveler. He'd better be a witch, otherwise he's really boring. Diana kisses him and tells him to come back. Lee goes home and Eva is there. She's upset. He apparently brought her back from THE DEAD, so she's a little pissed that she's back and he has moved on. Apparently, she has powers and makes him grow so old that he's dead. Damn.

John confronts Ethan. He says that Eben was only supposed to kill John, not the others. Ethan is drinking again and John says that it's good that he's at least haunted by what he did. He's not going to tell that Ethan was the betrayer. He says that Ethan can't tell anyone about Cassie's dark magic, which he obviously witnesses. Ethan says that Amelia wanted John dead so they could be together (um, that was apparently true for years and they never got together). He says that Cassie and Adam are written in the stars and John says that being written about in the stars isn't so great for the Conants and the Blakes. For their families, that's a curse.

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Secret Circle




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