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Halloween Hate Crimes
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Here are Faye and Cassie walking into a store of creepy curiosities. It's Halloween time and we know that because someone is walking in a costume outside the store and there are also leaves blowing out there. Thanks, art department! The first thing that Cassie sees in the store is one of the scratchy knives like the one that Simone used to get blood from her at her house. Then, Faye, who must change really quickly, shows Cassie the tribal headdress and tribal bead halter-top/boob-barely-coverer that she thinks she might wear as a costume. Cassie says no, those are ancient artifacts, not a costume. BORING. Come on, Cassie. Be more fun. Now. Cassie says that they shouldn't draw attention to themselves and Faye says that they are in the perfect place for party decorations. Because that's the perfect segue into -- it's not a party that Cassie is having. It's a get-together. Jane is leaving for the night and she's having a get-together, not a party. She thinks it would be good for Diana and Adam, and Faye says that she must feel guilty that she tried to break them up. Actually, that's right, huh? She adds that the best way to look innocent is for her to get a boyfriend of her own. Then, she points at Luke, who is in the store. Cassie says that she spoiled her chances with him when she was such a horrible date at that dance. God, she was a horrible date. Faye drags her over anyway and invites Luke to the party (no, get-together). He's quiet but agrees to come. Then, Faye goes to change but asks Cassie to buy this weird ghost-doll thing for her as a reward for being so helpful. Cassie complies and the cashier looks at her credit card (Kids these days! It's probably just a bank card -- 31st National Trust -- but it has a "Member Since" area, which really only goes on credit cards, right?) and asks if she's Amelia's daughter. Then, when he goes to grab the card, the mirror behind him breaks!

Later, as Jane is getting ready to leave, Cassie casually asks about the shopkeep, whose name is Calvin Wilson. SUPER CASUALLY. No big deal, that mirror breaking. Calvin is a witch too. He's not doing a good job not "drawing attention" by owning a store of actual witch relics. Jane CASUALLY remarks that it could have just been a random surge caused by residual power and active power crossing. Now, I'm no witch, but that just really doesn't make sense. So, there are other witch families in town, but most of them left after the fire. Jane says she has to go to Henry's lake house -- that's the guy who Dawn killed. Cassie asks, obviously very casually, if Henry is an elder and didn't Jane want to avoid telling an elder that the Circle had been bound? I mean, don't these guys take their own predicament seriously? They are so blasé about the whole thing. She says that she's not telling him about the Circle. She just hasn't heard from him in weeks and is worried about him. Then, she confirms that her witch friends are coming over to spend Halloween alone in their house. Cassie makes it sounds lower key than even a get-together.

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Secret Circle




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