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Halloween Hate Crimes

Adam is looking for the keys to The Boathouse on an actual boat when Ethan shows up. Adam is mad at him for telling Diana that he and Cassie were written in the stars. He thinks Ethan is trying to ruin his life since he has already ruined his own. Well, ruined life does the body good. I'm just saying Ethan gets freaking hotter with every episode. DWILF. Adam says that he wished Ethan would stop using fate as an excuse for how he treated his mother. He wonders if Ethan ever loved his mother, because the way he speaks of Amelia would indicate otherwise.

Diana is helping Cassie with decorations and says it will be a nice distraction, which prompts Cassie to ask if she'd spoken with Adam since Nick's wake. She hasn't and she doesn't want to talk about it, which is weird since she was just talking about it. Then, Melissa and Faye enter carrying a bloody mannequin. Diana's like, "What is that?" Faye looks at her like she's an idiot and replies, "A zombie" like "Obviously." She got the drama department to agree to let her borrow props for decoration in exchange for invitations to the get-together-quickly-approaching-party. Diana scolds her while Cassie is looking for cups. Instead, she finds part of the scratchy knife of Simone's. There's a crescent symbol, like the one she burned on the ground.

Outside, Cassie sees Jake. She tells him that she's going back to that store to ask about the knife. He's putting stuff in his truck that would indicate that he was either doing lawn work or planning to kill witches. He tries to talk her out of it, but she doesn't listen. So, he uses magic to keep her car from starting. Then, he drives off ahead of her and threatens poor Calvin with witch death by weird spell and witch blood. He can live if he tells Cassie nothing. He agrees to the terms. Cassie comes in later and Calvin tells her that he doesn't know anything. She leaves her number with him, in case he remembers something. Then, she breaks a bowl of fake eyeballs in order to secretly take a picture of the knife that he has in the store. Seems she could have done that without breaking anything.

Jake is standing at his family's graves when Melissa arrives. She assumes it means he misses Nick too, but that doesn't seem to be the case. He says that Nick was playing with things he shouldn't have. He says that he would have told Nick to stay away but...he wasn't there (pointed out by Melissa). She thinks it's a shame that they can't seem to be friends, but Jake says that he is nothing like the rest of them. He's nothing like the rest of most humans. Dear Lord, he's hot. This show. Best sexy faces.

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Secret Circle




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