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Halloween Hate Crimes

Cassie and Adam meet at the clubhouse, to which he has brought a fancy computer that is able run a scan of the witch knife. He says that Diana broke up with him because he's been acting like he believed the fate stuff that his dad told her. He says that he doesn't know what is between him and Cassie, but he knows that he can't live without Diana. Oh well. Then, Faye comes in and taunts them for indulging in forbidden love. She didn't find any information about the knife in Cassie's Book of Shadows, but she did find a spell for attraction for a future date. Get it, date? Adam finds a picture that links the knife to old-timey witch hunters.

Jake is in the dock shack with that boss guy. He drops herbs into witch killer jars that he names after each of the people in the Circle. The guy suggests that they might have a problem trusting Jake and he reminds him that witches were responsible for the deaths of his parents and his brother. Then, he does this weird spell over the bottles and says that, with the addition of some blood, a personal artifact and a lit match, the witches will die. They boss got some help for Jake in completing the kill. One guy from out of town. Another from in town. It's Luke!

Cassie is waiting for Jake on her stoop when he gets home. She tells him that Simone was a witch hunter, not a witch. He asks if she only has the three symbols from the knife to go on, but she only had two on the broken piece of the knife and that's all that he knows that she has. She gets weird and he gets weird that she's weird and they separate.

Inside, Melissa and Faye make some paper bats fly, which is kind of cool. Cassie comes in...from dressing. She's completely dressed in a costume now. She tells Faye to keep Jake occupied, which she had already planned on doing. The party starts in earnest and it seems pretty tame. Diana is a vampire and blows off Adam in his Skeletor uniform.

Calvin pays Ethan a visit on his boat. I guess someone else works the bar? They haven't seen each other in 16 years. He tells Ethan that Cassie came to his store. Calvin insinuates that maybe Cassie isn't Amelia's daughter? He says that Cassie has a right to know about John Blackwell, her father, in order to protect herself. Then, he walks away.

Jake shows up at the party and Faye pounces. Luke arrives too and compliments Cassie's killer bee (sexy bee plus gun) costume. Meanwhile, someone chloroforms Melissa outside, which is so old school Dukes of Hazzard or Magnum P.I. -- I love it. No one notices because it's Halloween. Also, this is very Kevin Williamson. Faye takes Jake into Cassie's bedroom and starts making out with him, but he grabs a necklace of Cassie's first. Cassie is sneaking through Jake's things and sees the stuff going on in her bedroom. Faye stops because she senses something new in him -- distance. Cassie finds a knife with symbols on it in Jake's room. Before she can put it away, he walks in! She tells him that she's looking for Nick's MP3 player -- to comfort Melissa. He asks if she thinks stabbing the player will give Melissa closure. He says it's not his. Then, he shows her a bunch of other weapons and says that they are Nick's. He reaches for the knife and she sort of jumps. Then, Faye comes in and says that she can't find Melissa.

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Secret Circle




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