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Halloween Hate Crimes

Cassie gets a call from Calvin. He tells her that she's in danger, just as he is met by Jake, who gets around like freaking crazy. Meanwhile, a dude in the party chloroforms Diana. Calvin tells Jake that he just wanted to tell Cassie that there is dark magic inside of her, so she can change. Jake doesn't think that people can change, so he drops a match in his jar for Calvin and it kills him but good. It looks like a painful way to go. Suddenly, Adam comes in and she tells him that Calvin called and was hysterical. Then, the guy chloroforms Cassie, except she pulls of the mask at the last moment and it's Luke.

At the dock shack, the Circle are all tied up and getting their blood drawn. Apparently, Luke comes from a long line of witch hunters. The boss guy orders Luke to finish killing them. Outside, Jake alerts the boss to the fact that Cassie has black magic. They need to kill her in a different way. Boss guy says that Jake is too close. Back inside, Luke tells Adam that killing him will be an act of friendship. Ew. He's about to drop a lit match into Diana's jar when Cassie screams, causing the jar to burst. Frustrated, he grabs another one. It's Cassie's. She screams again- and they seem involuntary -- and, this time, the jar bursts and Luke goes up in flames. I mean, he is burnt. Jake and boss guy are watching from outside. Jake is all TOLD YOU SO. Adam finally manages to break free just when they're no longer in danger. Cassie seems exhausted. They go outside to find Jake, who has cut himself with a witch scratcher. He tells them that he was chloroformed and dragged there.

Adam goes to Diana's house later. He says that she is his home. He wants to get back together, but she says no. Also, that she's not a "believer." As she's cleaning up after the party, Jake asks Cassie if she's OK. She tells him that she thinks that she stopped the witch hunter on her own. Then, she asks why he wasn't rounded up with the rest of them. He sexy smiles about the fact that she doesn't trust him but he doesn't mind having to earn it. She walks him out and locks the door after him.

Later Cassie checks her mail and finds an envelope. It's a super old document with the letters "JB" on them. Meanwhile, Jane finds Henry laid out on his floor, surprisingly not decayed. She immediately goes to a secret hiding place and pulls out a crystal. She starts chanting over Henry when someone slugs her in the side of the head and knocks her out. The mystery person takes the crystal and walks away.

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Secret Circle




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