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Requiem for a Circle
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We begin with Cassie at her house, carrying luggage downstairs, when a bell signals someone at the door. It's Adam. She asks how he... Oh, Diana told him she was there. Is Jane back? Nope, just grabbing some more stuff. Stop. They are really going off the rails with this grandma stuff. Where the hell is she? But, seriously. And, this mysterious Brigadoon for the Neurologically Demised, their treatment is what exactly? Because the length of time is making me think electroshock therapy or lobotomy or something. You'd think Cassie would be a little more concerned and maybe spend a few days watching after the woman.

Anyway, so Adam is steamed because Diana told him that Cassie and Jake dug up her father's grave. She's like, "I know it looks bad." Hey, we don't judge here, Cassie. You won't even check in on your mush-brained granny who took you -- an orphan -- in when you had no one in the world after your mother spirited you away and never even visited. We don't judge that, so why would we judge you for digging up a freaking grave? She tells him that her father didn't die in the fire and she needs to know what happened. Adam, getting heated, says that risking getting caught and exposed is not the way to go about it. He's pissed about her spending time with Jake. He thinks he's bad news. She says that because of Jake, she found the medallion at the boat. Adam replies that he will do whatever it takes to find out if her father is alive, because he cares about her, not because he's obsessed with her dark magic connections. He reminds her that they kissed the other night and says that there is no room for Jake between them. Ew. His jealousy regarding Jake is really not attractive. It's like it's making him actually shrink.

Faye is leaving The Coffee Press with a piping hot cup of witch's brew when she spies Jake. She says that he must be back in town to make sure Adam and Cassie don't get to second base and he replies that jealousy isn't a good look on her. She says that she heard that witch hunters killed his parents -- Jesus, his hair is so beautiful -- and she's sure that he's out for revenge. But she says that he's "barking up the wrong shrub" with Cassie. She won't get it, she's not his type. He says "Thanks Doc" and suggests she get over her feelings of powerlessness by trying to burn down another school. Heh. She smiles and says that's the Jake she remembers.

Cassie's on the edge of her bed looking at the medallion. She goes to her mantle where her Book of Shadows is and puts it there. Then she grabs her stuff and tries to leave again. This time, there's a woman at the door. The woman has a haunted look and says that Cassie is Amelia Blake's daughter. Cassie says she looks familiar and the woman says that they met 16 years earlier during the boat fire! Cue spooky girl la-la!

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Secret Circle




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