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Requiem for a Circle

The woman says that, last week, her memory of the fire changed and she now sees Cassie there. A lawn mower starts and the woman looks around and asks to come in. She says that she's taking a risk by even being there. She comes inside and says that her name is Lucy Gibbons. In her memory, she thought that Cassie was Amelia. Now, she knows that she was visiting through the mind of someone who was already there. So, she just knows that. She asks if Lucy is a witch and she says that she's a psychic. Lucy uses her hands too much and needs to chill out. She says that she was close with her parents' Circle. She says that Cassie's dad was a hero that day and his death was a terrible tragedy. Cassie just trusts everyone and says that she saw her father escape. A car alarm goes off, probably caused by a lawn mower, and Lucy is startled. She says there's no time to talk. She says that she's been hiding from witch hunters since the day of the fire and one finally found her the day before. Well, since you're not a witch and don't need to live near "points of energy" or whatever bullshiz excuse this show would give for why these people are targets but choose to live in the same small town, you're stupid for being so easily found. I'd recommend Canada or central Mississippi. No witch hunters will find you there. She says that the witch hunters are looking for Cassie and they will kill her if they know she's there. Cassie asks why she would risk her life to warn her and she says that her parents meant a lot to her. She tells her where she's staying for the night. No reason why, just tells her. Oh, I bet we're going to look for a reason later.

Dawn is unpacking groceries in her SICK kitchen when she notices a cut on her palm. Kitty must play rough. There's a knock at the door. It's Charlie. He's pissed that she sent Ethan after him. Does she really think an unstable drunk should have the crystal? She just asks when things got so weird between the two of them. Answer? When she tried to kill his mother. You see, that's a real reason to hate someone. She says that, heh, they've both had to do things they're not happy about but their goal of getting their powers back hasn't changed. He simply says that he's going to get the crystal back and then, the next time she crosses him will be her last.

At the Boathouse, Diana arrives and asks Ethan where Adam is. He's arriving soon but Ethan says that he would like to talk to her. He wants to throw a surprise birthday party for Adam and would like her help. She'd love to help. She confesses that last year she broke into his locker and filled it with cookies (amazing gift -- though of questionable cleanliness and cookie integrity), but this year she doesn't even know how to sign his card. Ethan apologizes and says that Adam cares about her. Diana says that she's excited to surprise Adam and he's standing right there. So, no surprise, but there will still be a party and its apparently happening that night at 8. Really? That night? No one's going to have other plans? His gifts are all going to be last minute crap. Nice job, sober Ethan. Whatever, he's a DWILF, not a party planner.

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Secret Circle




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